Database updated

The database has been updated. 787 managers, 1338 program are reporting to the database. As of this weekly update, 696 programs had reported returns for November and 790 programs had reported for October 2018. Sign up for the most comprehensive CTA database available on The database remains free for the time being.

Naming your CTA – Start with an A?

A common feature for most business cards collections in the hedge fund space is that the letter A in the Rolodex takes up a disproportional part of the space in the Rolodex. The common theory is that being first would result in investors seeing your name more often. Not only are Rolodexes sorted alphabetically, but … Continue reading Naming your CTA – Start with an A?

Attrition Rate in the CTA space

Approximately 2% of all CTAs stops reporting per month, mostly due to poor returns or due to being unable to raise assets. Year-to-date, we estimate that around 90 firms have ceased to operate or at least stop marketing their returns (which in itself is a precursor to shutting the fund as there are few funds … Continue reading Attrition Rate in the CTA space

Database Updated

Database has been updated as of today.  The database contains 819 managers representing 1723 different investment streams across managed futures, global macro, fund of funds, crypto hedge funds and commodity index managers. So far, 500 managers have provided returns for November. 

Crypto Index available

A quick crypto index is available on site. This is currently in beta mode and will gradually develop over time. Currently all Crypto funds are included, regardless of underlying strategy.

Sneak Preview

The NilssonHedge Database is currently live. Stay tuned for additional analytics and data formats.