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New managers added to the database

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The below funds has been added to the database as of Feb

Advanced Arbitrage ConceptsAccount 1
Buckingham Global AdvisorsSmall E Mini (SEP)
Cambridge Strategy (Asset Mgmt )Global Emerging Markets Alpha Programme
Capricorn Currency ManagementfxST MAP
Carlsson Noren Asset ManagementCarlsson Noren Yield Opportunity
Cayler CapitalSystematic Energy Diversified
Conquest Capital GroupConquest STAR (UCITS)
Covenant Capital ManagementTotal Volatility Program
Crypto Fund AGSystematic DLT Fund Class A – USD
Crypto Fund AGSystematic DLT Fund Class A – CHF
Crypto Fund AGSystematic DLT Fund Class A – EUR
DB Platinum AdvisorsDB Platinum Commodity
Ensemble Capital PteEnsemble Violin Fund
Fort LPGlobal Trend UCITS
Graham Capital Mgmt LPProprietary Matrix
Graham Capital Mgmt LPDiscretionary Enhanced Vol
Graham Capital Mgmt LPDiscretionary
HP FondsmµglerselskabHP Hedge Fixed Income
Lyons Trading GroupLyons Algorithmic Trading Strategy
Magnelibra Capital AdvisorsBlue Dragon Discretionary Program
Mistell Management LPMistell Macro Directional
Nanhua BuckinghamStrategy Fund
Northstar Commodity Investment CoTBE Capital – Commision Only
NuWave Investment ManagementEquity Enhanced Portfolio
Othania Investeringsrsdgivning ApSInvestin Othania Etisk Formuevµkst
Polar Star Management SEZCPolar Star Quantitative Commodity Fund
Polar Star Management SEZCPolar Star Diversified Commodity Fund
Proxy P ManagementProxy Global Energy
Proxy P ManagementProxy Renewable LongShort Energy
Proxy P ManagementProxy LongShort Energy
SteppenWolf CapitalEnhanced Intelligence Strategy
Sterling Partners Quantitative InvestmentsSPQI Global Diversified
Valorem InvestmentsAbsolute Return
VE Fund / Elements CapitalVega Elements Fund
White Indian Trading CompanyNavajo Prop
White Indian Trading CompanyConcord Program
World Cup AdvisorJan Smolen Quad Research Program
World Cup AdvisorKurt Sakaeda Lunar Cycles
World Cup AdvisorEduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles
World Cup AdvisorKurt Sakaeda 2018 WC Championship
World Cup AdvisorPatrick Slevin Screen Trader
World Cup AdvisorPetra Ilona Zacek Eclipse
World Cup AdvisorJohn Ehlers MESA ES
World Cup AdvisorAndrea Unger East & West
World Cup AdvisorLananh Dang

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