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Year To Date results, top 10, bottom 10

Year-to-date, as usual, there is a large dispersion between the highest and lowest return hedgefund. For data can be found at

World Cup Advisor – Profit Quest Macro World68%
Plus EV Capital – Profit Quest Macro World58%
World Cup Advisor – Profit Quest Macro World37%
QQFundcom – Profit Quest Macro World29%
HELSINKI CAPITAL PARTNERS – Profit Quest Macro World25%
Synerginvest – Profit Quest Macro World23%
World Cup Advisor – Profit Quest Macro World23%
Proxy P Management – Profit Quest Macro World20%
World Cup Advisor – Profit Quest Macro World20%
Ansbacher Investment Management – Profit Quest Macro World19%
NuWave Investment Management – Lananh Dang-13%
Quest Partners – Lananh Dang-14%
Tomas Capital Pty – Lananh Dang-14%
Synerginvest – Lananh Dang-16%
Cyber Capital BV – Lananh Dang-17%
Conquest Capital Group – Lananh Dang-21%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Lananh Dang-22%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-33%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-37%
World Cup Advisor – Tim Birch TradeNav Automation-41%

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