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The NilssonReport is updated

The Premier source of free hedge fund performance is updated. With this update, we have a 75% of the fund reporting for April and the numbers are generally positive.

The report can be accessed here. Sign up for the underlying database here (free).

3 thoughts on “The NilssonReport is updated”

  1. Hi there. I have just downloaded the CTA database (complete database manager/program) and cannot see any addition to the record set of 186,382 which has stayed constant for the past week or so. Is this correct? The Nilsson report appears to be updated bit not the associated performance records in the database?

    1. Hi Richard, I’m on the road this week, so afraid this was a scheduled post. The database was updated on Wednesday last week. I usually update on Sundays. You should expect a fresh batch of data over the weekend when I run the collector again.

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