The NilssonReport is Updated!

The premier source of free hedge fund and managed futures data is updated with the first April numbers. On average, the tracked universe has positive returns, with the range of reporting fund varying from -11% to +49% for April. YTD, the variation is considerably larger with a substantial amount of outliers.

First April Database Update

The NilssonHedge Database has been updated. We are back on a normal schedule for a few weeks. The Database contains 979 different managers, representing 1799 different investment strategies. For the current reporting month, 233 managers have reported returns. For the prior month, we have 892 live managers.In total, the database contains 193651 years of manager … Continue reading First April Database Update

Quarterly Dispersion

While we have anecdotal evidence that April will be a good month for a large set of systematic manager, we now have data for most CTAs. Observing that the dispersion has been large, but that most style and strategies ended up with flat returns, on average. In terms of our widely followed match between Man … Continue reading Quarterly Dispersion