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Year-To-Date Performance / Best and Worst Hedge Funds

For the year, we are seeing impressive performance for a set of select few hedge funds that are engaging in Crypto Trading. The performance has been lifted by the general upbeat mode in the crypto space. The top 4 funds are now driven by Crypto Traders.

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3iQ Corp – 3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund128%
Pantera Capital Management LP – Pantera Bitcoin Fund Ltd126%
Cryptos Fund – Cryptos Fund110%
Crypto Fund AG – Mythenstein Fund Ltd.87%
QQFundcom – Investment Program 180%
Tokenpot Capital LP – Tokenpot Capital Master Fund LP64%
RG Niederhoffer Capital Management – Optimal Alpha ST Futures/Crypto63%
Crypto Fund AG – Systematic DLT Fund Class A – EUR61%
Crypto Fund AG – Systematic DLT Fund Class A – CHF60%
BitBull Capital – BitBull Opportunistic Fund60%
Henrik Hallenborg – La Cucaracha-15%
Contrarian Investors – Managed Futures Program (P)-18%
Camkay Capital Management – Stock Indices Short-Term-19%
Quantitative Investment Management – Opportunities Fund-20%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Global Diversified Program-20%
NuWave Investment Management – Stock Index Futures Portfolio-23%
Algo Capital – NC3816-27%
Quantitative Investment Management – Global Program 3x-28%
World Cup Advisor – Stefano Serafini Moon Watch-46%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-47%

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