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Top 10/Bottom 10 for July

For July, we are now starting to see a few larger managers, noteworthy is Transtrend and QIM that has reported strong numbers for their leveraged programs.

Transtrend BV – Tulip Trend Fund18%
Quantitative Investment Management – Global Program 3x16%
Turk Capital – Long Short Oil16%
RPM Risk & Portfolio Management – RPM Galaxy13%
Geosol Capital – Onshore I12%
Synerginvest – CopulaMax VolOp11%
Geosol Capital – SMA11%
Vivienne Investissement – Mach 511%
Dreiss Research Corp – Global Diversified Program10%
P/E Investments – FX Strategy – Aggressive10%
Monsoon Capital – MIDAS LongBiased-8%
Monsoon Capital – MIDAS LongOnly-9%
Oslo Asset Management – AAM Absolute Return Fund Class B NOK-11%
World Cup Advisor – John Ehlers MESA ES-12%
Quantitative Investment Management – Opportunities Fund-14%
World Cup Advisor – Patrick Slevin Screen Trader-16%
World Cup Advisor – Kurt Sakaeda Lunar Cycles-18%
World Cup Advisor – Petra Ilona Zacek Eclipse-27%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-31%
World Cup Advisor – Stefano Serafini Moon Watch-39%
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