Top 10 / Worst 10 Hedge Funds in July

Our ten best and worst performing managers for July are slowly getting updated and we note that the list has stabilized. In the top we generally find quantitative based strategies and the bottom is dominated by aggressive rent a system managers.

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Quantitative Investment Management – Global Program 3x16%
Turk Capital – Long Short Oil16%
RPM Risk & Portfolio Management – RPM Galaxy13%
Transtrend BV – Tulip Trend Fund12%
Geosol Capital – Onshore I12%
Synerginvest – CopulaMax VolOp11%
Geosol Capital – SMA11%
Vivienne Investissement – Mach 511%
Dreiss Research Corp – Global Diversified Program10%
P/E Investments – FX Strategy – Aggressive10%
World Cup Advisor – John Ehlers MESA ES-12%
Quantitative Investment Management – Opportunities Fund-14%
White Indian Trading Company – Navajo Prop-14%
World Cup Advisor – Patrick Slevin Screen Trader-16%
World Cup Advisor – Kurt Sakaeda Lunar Cycles-18%
Solidum Capital – Solidum Cautus-18%
Systematic Alpha Management – Cryptocurrency Program-25%
World Cup Advisor – Petra Ilona Zacek Eclipse-27%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-31%
World Cup Advisor – Stefano Serafini Moon Watch-39%

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