Top 10 / Bottom 10 Hedge Fund for September

While it is still early in the reporting cycle, we have some clear winner and losers for September returns.

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World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles15%
Future Trade AG – Thales Swing Trading Programme13%
Caerus Group – Oil Futures Trading Program7%
DNB Asset Management – DNB ECO Absolute Return7%
UB Fund Management Company – UB Real REIT7%
AP Futures – Volatility Trading Program5%
Linnis – Linnis ONE LP5%
Schindler Capital Management – Dairy Advantage Program5%
Glendorn Capital Management – MultiWeek (Enhanced)5%
Bulkara Capital Limited – Bulkara Systematic Fund4%
World Cup Advisor – John Ehlers MESA ES-10%
Metolius Capital – Enhanced Fund 2.5X-10%
World Cup Advisor – Larry Williams Mini S&P-11%
Dunn Capital Management – Managed Futures Strategy (Arrow) (daily)-11%
Superfund Capital Management – Green Silver SICAV-13%
World Cup Advisor – Petra Ilona Zacek Eclipse-13%
Red Oak Commodity Advisors – Fundamental Trading Program-14%
Dunn Capital Management – D’Best Futures Fund L.P.-16%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Global Diversified Program-23%
World Cup Advisor – Kurt Sakaeda Lunar Cycles-40%

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