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FlashReport – Large Manager Returns in September

Managers with AUM above tends to be somewhat slower to report returns to database, but we still have a respectable sample of managers larger than $100mn. Average return is -3.2% for September, but remains up 7.1% for the year. Let us see how this develops as more managers reports their September numbers.

For a broader set of Flash Reports, showing top 20 / bottom 20 performance per manager category, check the dedicated area on our website.

Alder CapitalAlder Global 200.1%-5.3%
AquantumCommodity Spread-6.2%-11.5%
Aspect Capital LimitedDiversified Program-3.9%23.0%
dormouse LimitedDormouse Futures Program0.7%12.3%
Drury CapitalDiversified Trend-Following Program-6.8%5.5%
Dunn Capital ManagementWorld Monetary Institutional-5.6%10.5%
Eagle Trading SystemsEagle Global-2.6%11.6%
Eckhardt Trading CompanyEvolution Strategy-6.1%-1.4%
EMC Capital AdvisorsAlpha Program-2.7%12.6%
Fort LPGlobal Contrarian-1.0%17.5%
Fort LPGlobal Diversified-2.9%18.6%
Fort LPGlobal Trend-4.9%15.2%
Global Sigma GroupPlus Program0.9%5.5%
Goldman ManagementNavigator Fund1.2%15.1%
Greenwave Capital ManagementFlagship Plus-1.7%-3.2%
Greenwave Capital ManagementFlagship Plus (lag)-1.7%-3.2%
Greenwave Capital ManagementFlagship Plus 2X-3.5%-6.6%
Independent VIew BVIV Quantitative Futures Fund1.8%8.3%
Metolius CapitalDiversified Master Fund-4.2%-3.6%
Mondiale Asset ManagementLeveraged Trading Proram0.1%0.3%
Mulvaney Capital ManagementGlobal Diversified Program-23.0%-6.3%
Quantica Capital AGManaged Futures Program-0.7%27.7%
Quest PartnersAlphaQuest Original-4.7%9.9%
Revolution Capital ManagementGlobal Alpha Program-4.0%13.9%
Revolution Capital ManagementMosaic Institutional Program-6.0%5.4%
Rhicon Currency Management PteStrategic Prog-0.4%-4.7%
SEB GroupAsset Selection-3.2%5.5%
Tianyou Asset ManagementTianyou Fund1.7%12.5%
Transtrend BVEnhanced Risk-5.0%7.8%
Transtrend BVStandard Risk-3.3%6.8%
Vivienne InvestissementOuessant UCITS A-0.4%12.9%
Welton Investment PartnersGlobal Directional Portfolio-5.4%10.4%
Welton Investment PartnersWelton Trend Program-3.5%10.7%