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Current Drawdowns across CTAs

While the recent months have offered a string of strong returns across the managed futures / cta space, most managers are still in fairly large drawdowns. Approximately 1/3rd of the CTAs are still in a drawdown larger than 5%. The table below shows the managers with the largest drawdowns, that are still reporting (there are probably funds that have imploded but when reporting stops, that’s it folks).

managerprogramCurrentMonthPriorMonthYTDPriorYTDRiskAvgRetCurDrawDown Sharpe 
World Cup AdvisorLananh Dang-1%-8%-71%10%43%-57%-76%    (1.35)
AIS Capital ManagementMAAP 2-4X-3%-6%-2%-4%27%8%-76%     0.30
AIS Capital ManagementMAAP 3-6X-4%-9%-5%-6%43%14%-92%     0.33
District Capital ManagementDiversified-16%22%10%-5%43%11%-91%     0.25
Estlander & PartnersAlpha Trend 3x-17%19%11%-14%36%-3%-75%    (0.09)
World Cup AdvisorKurt Sakaeda Lunar Cycles-40%-29%-34%38%111%113%-65%     1.02
Glenhaven CapitalGlenhaven Global II 12%4%-44%37%-14%-75%    (0.39)
Henrik HallenborgHedgehog 1%-1%-28%42%2%-70%     0.04
World Cup AdvisorStefano Serafini Moon Watch -4%-61%-59%75%28%-88%     0.37

The reason for why drawdowns is an important measure, is that it gets progressively harder to recoup a large loss. For a small loss, 5%, the required gain is almost 1-1. For larger losses, the required gain becomes unrealistic. At those points, not only has the investors lost a lot of capital, but the fund manager is facing a very different economic.

Loss Required Gain

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