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Top 10/Bottom 10 Hedge Funds for October

We only know one thing, this list will change over the month, as we get more data points. We also note that Greek philosopher / mathematician that created the first derivative trade would be proud of being on the top of the list – Thales

Future Trade AG – Thales Swing Trading Programme13%
Kinkopf Capital Management – S&P Select Program9%
Schindler Capital Management – Dairy Advantage Program8%
Alpha Z Advisors – Alpha Z Futures7%
QQFundcom – Alpha Beta Program5%
Linnis – Linnis ONE LP4%
Cayler Capital – Systematic Energy Diversified4%
Crystal Tower Advisors – Crystal Tower Futures3%
Crystal Tower Advisors – Crystal Tower Futures3%
James Alpha – Momentum3%
Campbell & Company – Managed Futures-4%
Mondiale Asset Management – Leveraged Trading Proram-4%
PanAgora – PanAgora Managed Futures Strategy-5%
Drury Capital – Diversified Trend-Following Program-5%
Transtrend BV – Enhanced Risk-5%
AQR Capital Management – AQR Managed Futures HV Strategy-5%
GSA Capital Partners – GSA Trend Fund-6%
Dunn Capital Management – Managed Futures Strategy (Arrow)-6%
Southwest Managed Investments – Global Diversified-6%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Global Diversified Program-12%

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