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Top 10 / Bottom 10 HedgeFunds for October

The best and worst performing hedge funds for October shows relatively muted returns, especially so compared to the prior month. Trend followers have generally come in with less volatile results and while the downside is dominated by trend followers, these losses are somewhat more in line with historical returns.

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Future Trade AG – Thales Swing Trading Programme13%
Kinkopf Capital Management – S&P Select Program9%
Schindler Capital Management – Dairy Advantage Program8%
Alpha Z Advisors – Alpha Z Futures7%
Rhenman & Partners Asset Management – Rhenman Healthcare Equity LS IC1 EUR6%
Northern Capital Partners – Spread Program6%
Alfakraft – Alfa Aktiv6%
Covenant Capital Management – Total Volatility Program6%
Plus EV Capital – Raise Alpha Prog6%
Atlant Fonder – Atlant Sharp5%
Dunn Capital Management – Managed Futures Strategy (Arrow)-6%
Dunn Capital Management – World Monetary-6%
Southwest Managed Investments – Global Diversified-6%
Lynx Asset Management – Lynx-6%
SMN Investment Services – SMN Diversified Futures Fund-6%
SEB Group – Asset Selection Opportunistic-7%
Silicon Valley Quantitative Advisors – US Quantitative Portfolio (UQP)-8%
Dunn Capital Management – D’Best Futures Fund L.P.-9%
Estlander & Partners – Alpha Trend 3x-11%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Global Diversified Program-12%

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