Top 10 / Bottom 10 Hedge Funds for October

With close to 80% of the funds reporting for October, our best and worst list is now getting closer to becoming final. We note that White Indian had a rough period, taking 4 places on the list for the worst programs throughout October. The top list is slightly more diversified with a number of Crypto funds in the upper echelons of the list. Due to feedback from one of readers, we have also changed the direction of the text. Please do let me know if you enjoy this enhancement.

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Solidum Capital – Solidum Actio18%
World Cup Advisor – John Ehlers MESA ES16%
World Cup Advisor – Patrick Slevin Screen Trader16%
Future Trade AG – Thales Swing Trading Programme13%
Pantera Capital Management LP – Pantera Bitcoin Fund Ltd12%
SwissRex AG – SwissRex Crypto Fund Ltd11%
Kinkopf Capital Management – S&P Select Program10%
3iQ Corp – 3iQ Bitcoin Trust10%
Pantera Capital Management LP – Pantera Digital Asset Fund LP9%
Schindler Capital Management – Dairy Advantage Program8%
White Indian Trading Company – Alternative Hedge 1-10%
Transtrend BV – Tulip Trend Fund-10%
White Indian Trading Company – Navajo Prop-11%
Estlander & Partners – Alpha Trend 3x-11%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Global Diversified Program-12%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-14%
INSCH Capital Management SA – Kintore-16%
White Indian Trading Company – Chickasaw-21%
White Indian Trading Company – 24 Program-23%
World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles-23%

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