Performance for Managers above $100mn

Looking across managers that more than $100mn under management, we observe that most of them seem to have had a good 2019, with the average manager up around 9%. With an average aum of 1.4bn this translates into a net profit for investor of more than $10bn. This is impressive in its own rights, but … Continue reading Performance for Managers above $100mn

Daily Indices – Now Available for Download

Our three daily indices are now available for download as a CSV file. These performance barometers tracks performance for CTA/Managed Futures, Equity Hedged and Equity Market Neutral strategy. You can for instance track how your strategies are affected by market developments on a daily basis or judge the statistical riskiness of the strategies. Follow this … Continue reading Daily Indices – Now Available for Download

NilssonReport Updated

The NilssonReport is updated. We show performance and basic analytics across manager, more more than 1000 managers.

Top 10/Bottom 10 for 2019

While not all managers have reported final returns for 2019, the list below is a preliminary hit-parade of the best and worst performing managers (subject to a bit a reporting bias, but nevertheless). A few crypto funds did well throughout the year. The indisputable top-performer was the QQ Fund with returns over 150%. At the … Continue reading Top 10/Bottom 10 for 2019

Top 10/Bottom 10 Hedge Funds for December

Based on preliminary data, we have compiled the list below. Most of the managers are relatively small and traded with aggressive leverage. The noteworthy example is the P/E Investment, being a large manager that ended up on the wrong side of several currency trends. Note that this is the aggressive version of the strategy. All … Continue reading Top 10/Bottom 10 Hedge Funds for December

Database Updated

The Database contains 1540 different managers, representing 2793 different investment strategies.For the current reporting month, 865 managers have reported returns. For the prior month, we have 1062 live managers.In total, the database contains 21148 years of manager data. We have recently added a number of public Equity Long Short, Market Neutral and Event Driven strategies … Continue reading Database Updated