Top 10/Bottom 10 for 2019

While not all managers have reported final returns for 2019, the list below is a preliminary hit-parade of the best and worst performing managers (subject to a bit a reporting bias, but nevertheless). A few crypto funds did well throughout the year. The indisputable top-performer was the QQ Fund with returns over 150%. At the bottom of the list, the funds represents returns from a large share of strategies.

QQFundcom – Alpha Beta Program150%
Crypto Fund AG – Systematic DLT Fund110%
Attis Capital – Attis Capital Crypto98%
Pantera Capital Management LP – Pantera Bitcoin Fund Ltd97%
World Cup Advisor – Andrea Unger East & West93%
Altana Wealth – Altana Digital Currency Fund (ADCF)92%
Vivienne Investissement – Mach 591%
Martin Fund Management – Martin Fund84%
3iQ Corp – 3iQ Bitcoin Trust77%
Macrotheme Capital Management – Macrotheme Opportunity75%
Opus Futures – Advanced Ag Trading Program-20%
Mulvaney Capital Management – Global Diversified Program-21%
Emil Van Essen – Long-Short Commodity Program – Accelerated-22%
Michael J Frischmeyer – Managed Account Prog-22%
Emil van Essen – Long-Short Commodity Program-26%
RG Niederhoffer Capital Management – Diversified Program-26%
Systematic Alpha Management – Cryptocurrency Program-29%
World Cup Advisor – Patrick Slevin Screen Trader-34%
White Indian Trading Company – 24 Program-35%
World Cup Advisor – Petra Ilona Zacek Eclipse-44%

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