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Best & Worst Hedge Funds in March

Based on a larger subset of funds, we present a larger selection of the best and worst funds for March. On the upside, we see a number of volatility driven strategies, while the downside is dominated by strategies that are to some extent liquidity driven. We have captured approximately 74% of the funds for March.

World Cup Advisor – Michael Cook Nexus101%
McMillan Asset Management – Volatility Capture Program77%
Purple Valley Capital – Diversified Trend 156%
QCAM Currency Asset Management AG – Systematic Intelligence Vol 3055%
Glenhaven Capital – Glenhaven Global II53%
QTS Capital Management – Chimera45%
QTS Capital Management – Tail Reaper45%
World Cup Advisor – Paige Williams Day Trader43%
Tomas Capital Pty – The GCAF Program38%
WG Wealth Guardian – QT Program36%
Matisse – Matisse Discounted Cl-End Fd Strat-29%
World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles-30%
Algebris – Financial Equity Fund-31%
Hornsby & Company – Sadanand Kalasabail Advait-35%
H2O – Global LS-36%
Symmetry Invest – Symmetry Invest AS-37%
H2O – Allegro-45%
Algebris – Quant Arbitrage-49%
RMB Mendon – Mendon Financial Long/Short-57%
H2O – Vivace-64%

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