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Top 10/Bottom 10 CTAs for April

The April top 10/bottom 10 is dominated by managers that use high leverage. On the downside, we note a few larger names giving back profits from March.

World Cup Advisor – Andrea Unger East & West27%21%
Hornsby & Company – Sadanand Kalasabail Advait27%-25%
World Cup Advisor – Larry Williams Mini S&P25%24%
QQFundcom – Alpha Beta Program13%43%
Cayler Capital – Systematic Energy Diversified10%31%
Rosetta Analytics – Rosetta DL One10%20%
RTM Capital Advisors – Core Indices Plus Strategy8%2%
Jaguar Investments – Aegir Capital Strategy8%20%
Dorsey Wright – DWA Tactical8%-13%
Camkay Capital Management – Crisis Alpha Intraday8%5%
361 Capital – 361 Managed Futures Strategy Fund-5%-19%
SEB Group – Asset Selection Opportunistic-6%-10%
NuWave Investment Management – Matrix Portfolio-6%-8%
Tiber Capital – Tiber Diversified Prog-6%-11%
Quest Partners – Quest Equity Hedge Program (QEH)-7%27%
World Cup Advisor – Sebastian Baumgaertel Target Zones-7%10%
World Cup Advisor – Tim Rea NexGen-8%14%
Future Trade AG – Thales Swing Trading Programme-11%-27%
World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles-30%-64%
World Cup Advisor – Wayne Wan Dowave-31%-39%

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