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Top 10/Bottom 10 CTAs – April 2020

With 73% of the CTAs reporting numbers we now have a more complete Top 10/ Bottom 10 list for April 2020. As usual, the top managers are usually highly leveraged or specialized into particular markets. As a small improvement, we have also started to publish the YTD numbers for the best and worst managers. Some are on good runs, while others are facing somewhat rougher conditions.

Oxeye Capital Management – OPS (5X Leverage)33%-77%
World Cup Advisor – Andrea Unger East & West27%21%
Hornsby & Company – Sadanand Kalasabail Advait27%-25%
World Cup Advisor – Larry Williams Mini S&P25%24%
Nessica Group – Nessica FX17%40%
e360 Power – e360 Power Strategy16%81%
Rosetta Analytics – Rosetta DL Two14%6%
Statar Capital – Natural Gas Strategy14%28%
GZC Investment Management AG – GZC Strategic Commodities Fund14%25%
QQFundcom – Alpha Beta Program13%43%
World Cup Advisor – Sebastian Baumgaertel Target Zones-7%10%
World Cup Advisor – Tim Rea NexGen-8%14%
Aquantum – Commodity Spread-8%-1%
Progressive Capital Partners – Cherry Blossom Trend Enhanced Fund (1512 St Gallen / SysCat)-9%6%
Sandpiper Asset Management – Sandpiper Global Macro Program-10%-2%
Aquantum – ACS Energies-11%-4%
Future Trade AG – Thales Swing Trading Programme-11%-27%
NuWave Investment Management – Stock Index Futures Portfolio-12%-14%
World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles-30%-64%
World Cup Advisor – Wayne Wan Dowave-31%-39%

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