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A few words about our Database

We recently have had a lot of new subscribers, and we wanted to use this update to give you an introduction and perhaps a refresher on how we collect and distribute data. Our approach is based on collecting (mostly) publically available data and structuring that in a way that is friendly for data processing and analytics. Our internal search engine, our trusted spider, is uniquely designed to extract data from websites and documents.

    The NilssonHedge database has existed since late 2018, and we have grown from tracking a subset of CTAs to a much broader set of hedge fund strategies. Managed Futures now represents less than a third of the active managers.

    We are collecting more than 10,000 different performance streams, consisting of over 350,000 different data points. These are aggregated into fewer entities, to condense the information and reduce dimensionality. A number of strategies are used to reduce the size of the database and to bring you the most relevant data, consisting of the longest possible track record for a particular strategy.

    We analyze correlations, performance, and a number of esoterics metrics to reduce our ten thousand inputs into a more manageable collection of four thousand strategies. After all, when doing research on a manager or a strategy, you do not care about the minute difference between two different shares classes, but rather the overall tendency.

    This data resource is used to create six different databases, a number of specialty indices, rankings, factor loadings, and risk measures across strategies and funds. We have current performance measures of more than 2,000 funds (a number that will vary over time as fund managers report early or late).

    The NilssonHedge data is available on a number of different platforms and we are working on bringing the databases to additional platforms to increase the userbase.

    While we offer no shortcut to future investment success, we do at least provide you with a history of most fund managers, especially Futures-based managers, operating Macro and Managed Futures strategies. This gives you the opportunity to do your research, background information, understand market structure, and helps your due diligence process.

    In our belief, this is the largest collection of liquid hedge fund performance data that is available, at the very affordable price of free. And yes, a new freshly minted edition of the database is available to download.

    If you like what we do, you know what to do ( Please feel free to get in touch with feedback.

    Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

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