Performance Preview

CTA looks likely to be the winner amongst the Hedge Fund strategies that we track. CTAs continued to enjoy strong trends in equity and commodity markets and are now back on new highs, after a moderate drawdown. The result for October looks to be between 2-3% on average, taking the YTD result north of 7%. … Continue reading Performance Preview

Best & Worst Hedge Fund Strategies September 2021

Based on the latest available return data, we can present the best and worst strategies per category, both on a monthly and on a yearly basis. This is calculated from our proprietary composite data streams but may contain errors. These are not filtered for Asset Under Management and are ranked on a simple return metric … Continue reading Best & Worst Hedge Fund Strategies September 2021

Index Update

NilssonHedge provides a set of Hedge Fund performance barometers, ranging from the traditional CTA indices to tracking novel strategies such as Crypto managers. Our indices are transparent and are formed at the beginning of each year, based on managers in the database at that particular point in time. They are not backfilled and gives an … Continue reading Index Update

This Manager Does not Exist

As part of our search for new managers to include in our database, we scan a wide variety of sources. Most of these managers are hardworking, ambitious, and entrepreneurial individuals and companies with good intentions. However, recently we have come across several managers that may have other intentions. A few of the issues that we … Continue reading This Manager Does not Exist

A Contemporary Evaluation of Key Alternative Investments

We have recently collaborated with Marex Capital Introductions and Advisory, and we are pleased to provide you with our Contemporary Evaluation of Key Alternative Investments, attached below. Together with Dan Rizzuto, Head of Capital Introductions and Advisory we have considered CTAs, Risk Premia, and Hedge Funds in light of the unprecedented equity markets and an increasingly uncertain … Continue reading A Contemporary Evaluation of Key Alternative Investments