CyberMonday special

As the new Coronavirus variant, Omicron emerged markets and trading strategies offered some interesting discounts on Black Friday, for instance with CTA strategies giving up around 2%, wiping out a substantial part of the gains for the month. The market action on Friday made CTAs the hardest-hit liquid hedge fund strategy with other strategies only … Continue reading CyberMonday special

Top 10/Worst 10 Hedge Funds October 2021

Based on the latest available return data, we can present the best and worst strategies per category, both on a monthly and on a yearly basis. This is calculated from our proprietary composite data streams but may contain errors. These are not filtered for Asset Under Management and are ranked on a simple return metric … Continue reading Top 10/Worst 10 Hedge Funds October 2021

Crypto Hedge Funds

While we traditionally have a focus on CTA and more traditional Hedge Fund strategies, we also keep track of the growing Crypto Hedge Fund trader space. In the database, we currently have some 500 live trading strategies (including the graveyard we have 616 strategies). Most of them are “Digital Asset Allocators”, where they allocate capital … Continue reading Crypto Hedge Funds

FlashReport – First Performance Estimates

To assess October’s performance, we have return estimates for more than 1,600 funds. In terms of CTAs, for the current reporting month, 299 CTA programs have reported returns. For the prior month, we have 600 live programs. It looks like another positive month, on average, with the exceptions being Risk Premia and Fixed Income strategies … Continue reading FlashReport – First Performance Estimates