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CyberMonday special

As the new Coronavirus variant, Omicron emerged markets and trading strategies offered some interesting discounts on Black Friday, for instance with CTA strategies giving up around 2%, wiping out a substantial part of the gains for the month. The market action on Friday made CTAs the hardest-hit liquid hedge fund strategy with other strategies only modestly impacted (

In the spirit of offering substantial rebates for investors and manager researchers, we can now also offer interested users access to one of the broadest hedge fund databases, at a significantly reduced cost. Sign up here: and extend your current free subscription for a full year.

We are currently featuring some 700 CTAs, 500 Crypto Hedge Fund strategies, close to 300 Equity Long/Short strategies. In total, we track more than 2,000 strategies and our database consists of close to 400,000 monthly data points making it interesting for researchers and analysts in the field of active management. And as per usual, a new copy of the database is available. Enjoy!

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