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Best Wishes for 2022 – Database Updated

First of all, hope you have had a good Christmas weekend and that you are looking forward to a calm closing of 2021. NilssonHedge would like to take this opportunity to thank all our users, visitors, and last but not least our generous donors that have allowed us to continue to operate one of the largest free Hedge Fund database. Without you, this resource would not have existed.

What we have in store for 2022 (time permitting):

  • More indices (Risk Premia, RIsk Parity, Short Term CTAs, Volatiltiy Trading, Machine Learning traders, pure trend following etc.)
  • Additional Digital Asset resources
  • Additional Risk Premia signals
  • Commitement of Trader analytics
  • Short and Long Equity positions, as captured by regulatory disclosures
  • Fee Analysis
  • Peer Group analysis
  • Increased coverage of UCTIS funds

We will be back on Jan 2nd, 2022 for an early take on Hedge Fund performance. The databases are updated and available for download.

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