Top and Bottom MTD

NilssonHedge presents the top and worst hedge funds reporting to the database. We note the enthusiastic World Cup Advisors with managers in the absolute top and and absolute bottom. World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles 36% World Cup… Read More ›

Database Overview

Some highlights from the database. 84% of the managers are CTA, 56% of the manager are currently considered live. The largest manager represents approximately 10% of the total AUM based on reporting managers.

NilssonReport Updated

The NilssonReport is updated with 53% of the managers reporting for June we see a positive median return from the managers. Traditional hedge fund strategies seems to have done slightly better than trading oriented strategies.

Database Updated

The Database contains 1367 different managers, representing 2531 different investment strategies. For the current reporting month, 509 managers have reported returns. For the prior month, we have 960 live managers. In total, the database contains 232313 years of manager data…. Read More ›

AlphaBot – Portfolio Management Solution

The NilssonHedge database is now available through AlphaBot, an analytical and portfolio management platform designed to facilitate hedge fund analysis, portfolio construction, screening and data management. AlphaBot is a Portfolio Construction and Analytics tool offering a novel blend of functionality… Read More ›

The NilssonReport is Updated

The first June version of the NilssonReport is available. Currently 31% of the funds have reported returns, with a positive drift. As usual, there is a fair amount of dispersion around returns.