Database Info

NilssonHedge is offering a hedge fund database with a focus on quantitative and discretionary CTAs/Managed Futures managers, delivered as an aggregated, crowdsourced and highly transparent database for the use of fund managers, allocators, and academics. All of which are presumed to be qualified purchasers or equivalent.  The database is generally updated weekly, on Sundays. 

Currently, the database is distributed in a raw CSV format (through Google Docs). There will be additionally customized analytics available at a later stage.

  1. The database spider scans a large number of public internet sources. NilssonHedge only displays information that is (or has historically been) in the public domain.
  2. Performance is aggregated across sources, manager, and programs.
  3. Managers reporting multiple share classes, with the same leverage are usually aggregated into one entity.
  4. Manager with multiple programs are aggregated into one composite, currently based on average returns. Future developments will include asset-weighted composites.
  5. The database does in some cases contain hypothetical or proprietary track-records. More than usual skepticism should be applied to those. Managers that displays track-records without asset under management should be assumed to be hypothetical.
  6. Separate subsets of the database will be available, depending on the manager classification.
  7. Data is no shortcut for a proper Due Diligence. Before investing with a particular hedge fund, ensure that you have a proper understanding of the risks.

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