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Our Databases

NilssonHedge maintains a number of Databases, some are supersets, while others are specific subsets of the data, based on specific needs from our user base. Should you need a specific version of the database, please contact us and we can discuss specific requests.


  • Crypto Hedge Fund Database – A dataset exclusively focused on funds that are trading digital assets. We believe that this is one of the largest Crypto Hedge Fund databases available, featuring more than 300 strategies. Extraordinarily good for understanding return patterns in an emerging hedge fund strategy. A majority of the funds can be described as asset allocators, but we also feature long/short crypto and arbitrage strategies.
  • Daily Database – A unique dataset, featuring daily return streams. If you need to get a grip on short-term factor exposure, this is a good starting point. This dataset is the basis for our daily indices and correlation structure reports.
  • Index Data – Access our daily and monthly index returns via this database. Useful for determining strategy behavior and correlation against other asset classes.
  • Manager Composite Database – Have you ever wondered what the aggregated result for a hedge fund group is? This database is aggregated across management companies and lets you determine the performance on an aggregate level for a particular group.
  • Monthly Database – This is our main database, with performance per strategy using monthly data. This comes with a specific classification file allowing you to sort out particular styles This is one of our supersets.
  • UCITS Database – A subset that allows you to explore the UCITS fund that we capture. These are strategies that are packaged in a format that allows distribution to European investors.