THIS IS A PRELIMINARY LIST, SUBJECT TO UPDATE As described elsewhere, this list is based on managers in the database as of the end-of-the-year. We believe that this is a representative selection of program that are open and marketed to qualified investors. This list may contain managers that have changed names or that ceased to operate throughout 2019.

1512 SG Capital Management AGSt.Gallen I Counter-Trend
2Pixels Capital ManagementIndex Option Program
361 Capital361 Global Managed Futures Strategy Fund
Adalpha Asset ManagementDiversified Short-Term
ADG Capital ManagementADG Systematic Macro
Aenaon MarketsAenaon Syncro 1x
Aetolian Advisors  / Newton Capital Partners LPNewton Capital Partners LP
AG Capital InvestmentsDiscretionary Global Macro
AIS Capital ManagementMAAP 2-4X
AIS Capital ManagementMAAP 3-6X
Alder CapitalAlder Global 20
Alder CapitalCALM Eurozone Equity
Aleph StrategiesAleph Options
Alpha Centauri Capital ManagementTactical Opportunities
Alpha Z AdvisorsAlpha Z Futures
Alternative Capital AdvisorsStrategic Ag Program
Altis Partners Jersey LimitedGlobal Futures Portfolio
Altis Partners Jersey LimitedPureTrend Portfolio
Amapa Capital AdvisorsAmapa Investment Program
Anderson Creek TradingStandard Diversified Strategy
Ansbacher Investment ManagementElizaville Partners
AP FuturesVolatility Trading Program
AquantumACS Energies
AquantumCommodity Spread
Arctic Blue CapitalArctic Blue 2X Program
Aspect Capital LimitedDiversified Program
Aspen Trading GroupAspen Trading FX / S&P 500 Alpha
ATP Capital ManagementGranularity Alpha
Auspice Capital AdvisorsAuspice Diversified
Auspice Capital AdvisorsManaged Futures Index
Auspice Capital AdvisorsTactical Futures
Automaton TradingDiversified Program I
Aventis Asset ManagementDiversified Commodity Strategy
Bensboro AdvisorsSeasonal Futures Fund
BlackBird Asset ManagementBlackBird Alpha Spread 2.5X
BlackBird Asset ManagementCommodity Spread
Blackheath Fund ManagementAI Global Macro Strategy
Blackheath Fund ManagementTactical FI Strategy
Blue Bar Futures Trading ManagementPrime Ag Program
Blue Bar Futures Trading ManagementU.S. Commodity Diversified
Blue Diamond Asset ManagementBlue Diamond Non-Directional Strategy
Bocken TradingDiscretionary Trading Program
Breakout FundsBreakout Strategy
Brisslen Capital ManagementBrisslen Energy Strategy
Buckingham Global AdvisorsMetis Tactical ES
Buckingham Global AdvisorsSmall E Mini (SEP)
Buckingham Global AdvisorsWeekly E-mini
Bulkara Capital LimitedBulkara Systematic Fund
Caerus GroupOil Futures Trading Program
Campbell & CompanyManaged Futures
Candriam Investors GroupAlternative Return Systemat
Cantab Capital PartnersCCP Core Macro
Cantab Capital PartnersCCP Quant Fund
Capital Fund ManagementDiscus 1x
Capital Fund ManagementDiscus 2x
Capital Fund ManagementIS Trends Fund
Capricorn Currency ManagementfxST MAP
Carbide CapitalAbsolute Return
Carbide CapitalHedge Program
Cauldron InvestmentsSystematic
Century AnalyticsCenturyOne
Certeza Asset ManagementMacro Vega
Chelton WealthChelton Wealth Alternativ
Chelton WealthCurrency Al
Chesapeake Capital CorporationDiversified Plus (HV)
Chesapeake Capital CorporationDiversified Program (LV)
Chesapeake Capital CorporationDiversified Program Plus
Claughton CapitalARP Institutional Program
Coloma Capital FuturesColoma Capital Futures
Coloma Capital FuturesHedged Volatility
Conservative Concept AGAthena UI Fund
County CorkCommodity Long and Short Pro
County CorkRLA I Program
Crabel Capital MgmtCrabel Multi-Product
Crabel Capital MgmtCrabel Multi-Product 1.5X AA
Crabel Capital MgmtCrabel WPD Futures
Crescent Bay Capital ManagementConservative Growth Index Program
Crescent Bay Capital ManagementPremium Stock Index Program
Crescit Asset ManagementCrescit Protect
Crystal Tower AdvisorsCrystal Tower Futures
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Global Cross Asset Volatility
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Global Macro Hedge Fund
Davis CommoditiesAgricultural Program
Deep Field CapitalIntraday Crisis Alpha
Deep Field CapitalSingularity Liquid Equity Alpha (LEA)
Deep Field CapitalSystematic Volatility Arbitrage
DeltaHedge R&ODH Nix Alpha
DeltaHedge R&ODH Styx
Demeter Capital ManagementLivestock & Grain Trading Program
Diamond Capital ManagementEnhanced S&P Program
Ditsch TradingAgricultural Trading Program
Dixon Midland CompanyDixon Midland Diversified
dormouse LimitedDormouse Futures Program
Double Helix Capital ManagementDouble Helix
Dreiss Research CorpGlobal Diversified Program
Drury CapitalDiversified Trend-Following Program
Dunn Capital ManagementWorld Monetary
Dunn Capital ManagementWorld Monetary Institutional
Dynamica Global InvestmentsDynamica Energy Trading
e360 Powere360 Power Strategy
ecamos Capital AGecamos Core Strategy 1X
ecamos Capital AGecamos Core Strategy 2X
ecamos Capital AGecamos Volatility Strategy 2X
Eckhardt Trading CompanyEvolution Strategy
Eckhardt Trading CompanyEvolution Strategy 1.2X
Eclipse Capital ManagementAlpha Asia
Eclipse Capital ManagementGlobal Long/Short Momentum Program
Eclipse Capital ManagementGlobal Monetary Program
EMC Capital AdvisorsAlpha Plus Program
EMC Capital AdvisorsAlpha Program
EMC Capital AdvisorsEMC Balance Program
EMC Capital AdvisorsEMC Classic Program
Emil Van EssenLong-Short Commodity Program
Emil van EssenLong-Short Commodity Program – Accelerated
Emil Van EssenMulti-Strategy Program
Emil Van EssenSpread Trading Program
Emil Van EssenSpread Trading Program Limited
Endeavour CapitalPembroke Master Fund Ltd
Episteme Capital PartnersSystematic Quest
Essex Capital ManagementS&P Option Selling Strategy
Estlander & PartnersAlpha Trend
Estlander & PartnersFreedom
Esulep ManagementIndex Opportunity Program
Evergreen Commodity AdvisorsDiscretionary Energy Strategy
First Quadrant LPTactical Currency Allocation L/S 2%
Florin Court CapitalFlorin Court BMS SHARE CLASS
Fort LPGlobal Contrarian
Fort LPGlobal Diversified
Fort LPGlobal Futures
Fort LPGlobal Trend
Fort Point Capital PartnersTactical Alpha
Four Seasons CommoditiesHawkeye Spread Program
FTC CapitalFTC Futures Fund Classic
Future Trade AGThales Swing Trading Programme
GAIA Capital ManagementCurrency Trading Program
GAIA Capital ManagementFX Trading Program
GAIA Capital ManagementGAIA FX+
Gamma QBreckhurst Commodity 2x
GCI Asset ManagementGCI Systematic Macro Strategy
Geosol CapitalOnshore I
Glendorn Capital ManagementMultiWeek Trading Strategy
Global Bayesian DynamicsBond FX
Global Bayesian DynamicsMulti Strategy
Global Bayesian DynamicsSBF – Prop
Global Sigma GroupAGSF
Global Sigma GroupEquity Advantage II
Global Sigma GroupGlobal Sigma BondVOL
Global Sigma GroupPlus Program
Goldman ManagementNavigator Fund
Graham Capital Mgmt LPDiscretionary
Graham Capital Mgmt LPDiscretionary Enhanced Vol
Graham Capital Mgmt LPGraham Quant Macro Strategy
Graham Capital Mgmt LPK4D-10V
Graham Capital Mgmt LPK4D-15V (Composite)
Graham Capital Mgmt LPProprietary Matrix
Graham Capital Mgmt LPTactical Trend
Greenwave Capital ManagementFlagship Plus
Greenwave Capital ManagementFlagship Plus (lag)
Greenwave Capital ManagementFlagship Plus 2X
Gregory P Asset ManagementAlternative Multi Strategy
Gregory P Asset ManagementLow Volatility Income Strategy
Gregory P Asset ManagementSeasonal Spread & Option Strategy
GT Capital CTADynamic Trading
GT Capital CTADynamic Trading (Client)
GT Capital CTASystematic Day Trading
Hamer TradingSystematic Diversified Program
Helford Capital PartnersHelford Global 1 – Proprietary
HiProb Capital ManagementIII
HPX FinancialOld School Program
IDS CapitalF&F Systematic Trading
Incline Investment ManagementCrystal Bay Ubitrend
Incline Investment ManagementSystematic Hyb
Independent VIew BVIV Quantitative Futures Fund
INSCH Capital Management SAKintore
IPM Informed Portfolio ManagementIPM Systematic Currency
IPM Informed Portfolio ManagementIPM Systematic Macro
ISAMISAM Systematic Trend 1x
J E MoodyCommodity Relative Value
J E MoodyCommodity Relative Value 3X
Jaguar InvestmentsAegir Capital Strategy
John Locke InvestmentsCyril Systematic Strategy
Kaiser Trading GroupKaiser Trading Group Pty. Ltd.
Kazmarck CapitalOpportunities Program
Kessler Investment AdvisorsCornerstone
KeyQuant SASKey Trends 15 Composite
KeyQuant SASKey Trends Program
Kinkopf Capital ManagementS&P Select Program
LinnisLinnis ONE LP
LyncestisFX Basket
LyncestisFX Index Arbitrage
LyncestisFX Quant 11
LyncestisVolatility Trading Program
Lynx Asset ManagementLynx
Lynx Asset ManagementLynx 1.5x
Lyons Trading GroupAlgorithmic Trading Strategy
Lyons Trading GroupAlgorithmic Trading Strategy II
M&R CapitalLivestock Trading Program
Macrocapital LimitedMacrocapital Adaptive Volatility Strategy
Macrotheme Capital ManagementMacrotheme Opportunity
MaCX Asset AGMaCX Evolution Program
Man AHLAHL Alpha
Man AHLAHL Dimension
Man AHLAHL Diversified
Man AHLAHL Diversified Guernsey
Man AHLAHL Diversified Markets EU
Man AHLAHL Evolution
Martin Fund ManagementMartin Fund
McMillan Asset ManagementVolatility Capture Program
Meliora CapitalCommodity Absolute Return 1X
Meliora CapitalCommodity Absolute Return 3x
Melissinos TradingEupatrid Commodity
Mercantile Analytics and TradingGlobal Diversified Commodity
Mesirow Financial Investment ManagementAsian Markets Alpha Program
Mesirow Financial Investment ManagementAsian Mkts Currency Alpha
Mesirow Financial Investment ManagementEmerging Mkts Currency Alpha
Mesirow Financial Investment ManagementExtended Markets Alpha Program
Mesirow Financial Investment ManagementGlobal Emerging Markets Alpha Programme
Metolius CapitalDiversified Master Fund
Metolius CapitalEnhanced Fund 2.5X
Metori Capital ManagementEpsilon Managed Futures (Lyxor)
Michael J FrischmeyerManaged Account Prog
Millburn Ridegfield CorporationCommodity Program
Millburn Ridegfield CorporationDiversified Program
Mistell Management LPMistell Macro Directional
ML SystemsSeldon Classic Strategy
Mobius Asset MgtCeed Trading Program
Mobius Asset MgtMCR Trading Program
Molinero Capital ManagementGlobal Markets Program
Mondiale Asset ManagementLeveraged Trading Proram
Morris Capital Australia PtyMorris Al
Morris Capital Australia PtyST Futu
MS Capital Management LimitedGlobal Diversified
Mulvaney Capital ManagementGlobal Diversified Program
Nessica GroupNessica FX
NickJen Capital Management & ConsultantsNatural Resource Discretionary Program – NDR1
Northern Capital PartnersSpread Program
Numeri Capital ManagementNUMERI Intraday
NuWave Investment ManagementCombined Futures Portfolio
NuWave Investment ManagementCommodity Value Portfolio
NuWave Investment ManagementMatrix Portfolio
NuWave Investment ManagementShort-Term Futures Portfolio
NuWave Investment ManagementStock Index Futures Portfolio
O’Brien Investment GroupDiscretionary Global Macro
O’Brien Investment GroupQuantitative Global Macro Futures
Opus FuturesAdvanced Ag Trading Program
Orbits VentureRisk Sigma Program 2
Ortus Capital Management LimitedCurrency – Aggressive
P/E InvestmentsFX Strategy – Aggressive
P/E InvestmentsFX Strategy – Conservative
P/E InvestmentsFX Strategy – Standard
PAK CapitalCurrency Program
Pan Capital Management LPEnergy Fund
Panima Capital ManagementDiversified Futures
Parizek CapitalFutures Trading Program
Paskewitz Asset ManagementContrarian S&P Program
Paskewitz Asset ManagementGlobal Contrarian Stock Index
Paskewitz Asset ManagementMulti-Strategy Futures
Pearl Capital AdvisorsHedged VIX
PGR CapitalSystematic Strategies (Mayfair)
PIMCOCommodity Alpha Fund
Pinstripe TradingStandard Trading Program
Plotinus Asset ManagementPlotinus 2p Index Hunter
Plus EV CapitalRaise Alpha Prog
Polar Star ManagementPolar Star Fund
Portfolio ConceptPC Global Systematic
Praus Capital ManagementQuantiative Strategies
Premium Capital Advisors AGCurrencies – Majors
Prolific Capital MarketsProlific Swiss System (PSS)
Pukula & CompanyYOOF Program
PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AGSwiss Equity Futures Fund A
QDRA PtyDynamic Macro
QMS Capital Management LPDiversified Global Macro
QMS Capital Management LPFinancials-Only Global Macro Strat.
QQFundcomAlpha Beta Program
QTS Capital ManagementChimera
QTS Capital ManagementQTS Partners L.P.
QTS Capital ManagementTail Reaper
QTS Capital ManagementVIX Timer
Quality Capital ManagementGlobal Diversified
Quantica Capital AGManaged Futures Program
Quantica Capital AGManaged Futures Program 2x
Quantitative Investment ManagementGlobal Program
QuantScape Asset ManagementU.S. Equity Index
Quest PartnersAlphaQuest Original
Quest PartnersQuest Equity Hedge Program (QEH)
Quest PartnersQuest Fixed Income Hedge Program
Quest PartnersQuest Tracker Index Program (QTI)
R BestPrivate Client Plus Program
R BestPrivate Client Program
R BestPrivate Client Program 2x
R BestWorld Select Program
Ramsey Quantitative SystemsRQSI GAA Systematic Global Macro Fund
Red Oak Commodity AdvisorsFundamental Trading Program
Red Rock CapitalCommodity Long-Short
Red Rock CapitalSystematic Global Macro
ReSolve Asset ManagementAcorn Global Investments Diversified
ReSolve Asset ManagementReSolve Evolution US Feeder Fund
Revolution Capital ManagementGlobal Alpha Program
Revolution Capital ManagementMosaic Institutional Program
Rhicon Currency Management PteStrategic Prog
Rivercast CapitalManaged Account Program
Robust MethodsRobust Methods LLC
ROW Asset ManagementDiversified Program
RTM Capital AdvisorsCore Indices Plus Strategy
Salus Alpha CapitalCommodity Arbitrage (CAX)
Salus Alpha CapitalDirectional Markets (DMX)
Salus Alpha CapitalGlobal Alpha (GAX)
Sandpiper Asset ManagementSandpiper Global Macro Program
Schindler Capital ManagementDairy Advantage Program
Schot Capital LimitedMulti Diversified Program
SEB GroupAsset Selection
SEB GroupAsset Selection Opportunistic
Sector Arc AdvisorsGlobal Lean Hog Ag
Seven Capital ManagementSeven Absolute Return Fund
Sigma Advanced Capital ManagementGlobal Advanced Futures and Spread
Silicon Valley Quantitative AdvisorsUS Quantitative Portfolio (UQP)
SinoPac Asset Management AsiaMulti Strat Quant Fund
SMN Investment ServicesSMN Diversified Futures Fund
Soaring PelicanDiversified S&P
Soaring PelicanS&P Multiday Hybrid Program
Solaise Capital ManagementSystematic Fund
Southwest Managed InvestmentsGlobal Diversified
SpreadEdge CapitalAgriculture Seasonal Spreads
SpreadEdge CapitalDiversified Seasonal Spread
Spring Valley Asset ManagementTactical Trend Portfolio
Statar CapitalNatural Gas Strategy
Sunrise Capital PartnersEquity & Bond Optimized Growth
Sunrise Capital PartnersU.S. Equity Optimized Growth
Superfund Capital ManagementGreen Gold 1.5x
Superfund Capital ManagementGreen Gold 1x
Superfund Capital ManagementGreen Gold SICAV
Superfund Capital ManagementGreen Silver SICAV
Sysmatic Trading SolutionsGlobal Hedge Plus (P)
t24 Capitalt24 Capital Partners Master Fund
Tactical Investment Management CorpInstitutional Commodity
Talenta CapitalMulti-Strategy
Talenta CapitalTalenta CTA Fund
Tanridge CapitalCrowd Behavioral Flow CBF Mo
Tanyard Creek CapitalLivestock Program
Tarpon TradingSystematic FX Alpha
The Great O’NeillGreat O’Neill
Third Street Ag InvestmentsFundamental Discretionary Ag Program
THOR AnalyticsTHOR Metals Fund I
Tianyou Asset ManagementTianyou Fund
Tiber CapitalTiber Diversified Prog
Tlaloc CapitalGrains Program
TMA Capital ManagementProgram C
Tom Capital AGModerate Model Portfolio
Tomas Capital PtyThe GCAF Program
Tradelink CapitalTradelink Flagship
Transtrend BVEnhanced Risk
Transtrend BVStandard Risk
Trigon Investment AdvisorsDiscretionary Macro
Trigon Investment AdvisorsFX Program
TRYCON GCMTungsten Trycon Basic
Tudor Investment CorpTudor Momentum Fund Ltd.
Turk CapitalU.S. Equity Long Short Strategy
Turk CapitalU.S. Hedge Strategy
Typhon Capital ManagementHelios Deutsche Program
Typhon Capital ManagementLeonidas Energy Strategy
Typhon Capital ManagementPlutus Grain Strategy
Typhon Capital ManagementProteus Dynamic Volatility Program
Typhon Capital ManagementVulcan Metals Strategy
Typhon Capital ManagementZephyrus Livestock
United Standard EquitiesSerie A
United Standard EquitiesSerie B
Urban Tree CapitalUTC Plus Program
Vivienne InvestissementMACH 3
Vivienne InvestissementMach 5
Vivienne InvestissementOuessant UCITS A
Vortex FX AGCurrency Program
Wadhwani Asset ManagementKeynes Dynamic Beta Strategy Lev
Warrington Asset ManagementStrategic
Warrington Asset ManagementTactical Program
WaveFront Global Asset Management CorpWFGAM Global Conc.
Welton Investment PartnersGlobal Directional Portfolio
Welton Investment PartnersWelton Trend Program
WG Wealth GuardianGVR Program
WG Wealth GuardianQT Program
WG Wealth GuardianSAFI2 Program
WG Wealth GuardianStrategic Volatility Returns Program
WG Wealth GuardianTrend Fix Portfolio
Wharton Capital ManagementAgricultural Futures
White Indian Trading Company24 Program
White Indian Trading CompanyAlternative Hedge
White Indian Trading CompanyAlternative Hedge Energy
White Indian Trading CompanyAlternative Hedge Softs Program
White Indian Trading CompanyChickasaw
White Indian Trading CompanyNavajo
White Indian Trading CompanySCS Program (Client)
White Indian Trading CompanySCS Program Prop
White Indian Trading CompanySTAIRS Futures
White Indian Trading CompanySTAIRS Program
White Indian Trading CompanyWhite Swan
White River GroupDiversified Option Writing
White River GroupDynamic S&P Options Strategy
White River GroupStock Index Option Writing
Whitehaven SPCWhitehaven Correlation Fund SP
Wimmer HorizonBeach Horizon Programme
Winton Capital ManagementWinton Futures Fund
Winton Capital ManagementWinton Futures Fund (Lyxor)
World Cup AdvisorAndrea Unger East & West
World Cup AdvisorEduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles
World Cup AdvisorJohn Ehlers MESA ES
World Cup AdvisorLarry Williams Mini S&P
World Cup AdvisorPatrick Slevin Screen Trader
World Cup AdvisorPetra Ilona Zacek Eclipse