Daily Equity Long Short Index Constituents 2021

The list below shows the managers and programs that are included in the Daily Equity LS index as per 2021-01-01. This list is fixed as per the beginning of the new year. Typically, each included program represent multiple share classes. We strive to collect data in a structured way, but the list may still contain managers that are misclassified. This list largely shows managers that are fundamentally driven, but also contains other strategies. Most of the managers on this list are listed on a public market, either via a US exchange or via the UCITS market.

361 CapitalDomestic Long/Short Equity
361 CapitalGlobal Long/Short Equity
ABRDynamic Blend Equity & Volatil
Absolute Investment AdvCapital Opportunities
ACMDynamic Opportunity
AlgerDynamic Opportunities
AllianceBernsteinSelect US Long/Short
AmericaFirstAmericaFirst Defensive Growth
AMGRiver Road Long-Short
Anchor CapitalTactical Equity Strategies
Anchor CapitalTactical Global Strategies
AQR Capital ManagementLong-Short Equity
Arin Large Cap Theta FundArin Large Cap Theta Fund
AXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives FundAXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund
AXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives FundAXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund
Balter EuropeanEuropean L/S Small Cap
Beacon Accelerated Return Strategy FundBeacon Accelerated Return Strategy Fund
Beacon Planned Return Strategy FundBeacon Planned Return Strategy Fund
BlackRockGlobal Long/Short Equity
Boston PartnersBoston Partners Emerging Mkts L/S
Boston PartnersBoston Partners Long/Short Equity
Boston PartnersBoston Partners Long/Short Rsrch
Boston PartnersPartners Global Long/Short
CalamosCalamos Phineus Long/Short
Caldwell & OrkinCaldwell & Orkin – Gator Capital L/S
CausewayCauseway Global Absolute Return Instl
Clough GlobalClough Global Long/Short
CounterpointConvergence Long/Short Equity
CounterpointCounterpoint Tactical Equity
CRMLong/Short Opportunities
Diamond HillDiamond Hill Long-Short
Diamond HillDiamond Hill Research Opportunities
FintrustFintrust Income and Opportunity
First Quadrant LPFQ Long-Short Equity
ForesterForester Value
FS InvestmentsLong/Short Equity
GlenmedeQuant US Long/Short Equity
GothamGotham Absolute 500 Core
GothamGotham Absolute 500 Institutional
GothamGotham Absolute Return Institutional
GothamGotham Defensive Long 500
GothamGotham Defensive Long Institutional
GothamGotham Hedged Core Institutional
GothamGotham Hedged Plus Institutional
GothamGotham Total Return
GuggenheimGuggenheim Alpha Opportunity
GuggenheimGuggenheim Long Short Equity
Hancock HorizonHancock Horizon Quant Long/Short
HighlandHighland Long/Short Healthcare
Hussman Strategic GrowthHussman Strategic Growth
Hussman Strategic InternationalHussman Strategic International
Invenomic InstitutionalInvenomic Institutional
Invenomic InvestorInvenomic Institutional
Invenomic Super InstitutionalInvenomic Institutional
James AlphaJames Alpha EHS Portfolio
James AlphaJames Alpha Relative Value
JHancockHancock Seaport Long/Short
JPMorganJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S
JPMorgan Equity Premium Income FundJPMorgan Equity Premium Income Fund
JPMorgan Hedged Equity FundJPMorgan Hedged Equity Fund
JPMorgan International Hedged Equity FdJPMorgan International Hedged Equity Fd
JPMorgan Macro Opportunities FundJPMorgan Macro Opportunities Fund
JPMorgan Macro Opportunities FundJPMorgan Macro Opportunities Fund
Knights of ColumbusLong/Short Equity Fund
LoCorr Fund ManagementDynamic Equity
LongboardLongboard Alternative Growth
LS OpportunityLS Opportunity Fund
Main BuyWrite FundMain BuyWrite Fund
MeederMeeder Spectrum
MFSMFS Managed Wealth
Midwood Long/Short Equity FundMidwood Long/Short Equity Fund
Multi-ManagerMulti-Manager Directional Alt Strat
Natixis ASGASG
NavigatorNavigator Equity Hedged
Navigator SentryNavigator Sentry Managed Volatility
Neuberger BermanNeuberger Berman Long Short
NuanceNuance Concentrated Value L-S
NuveenNuveen Equity Long/Short
Otter CreekOtter Creek Long/Short Opportunity
PersimmonPersimmon Long/Short
PGIM QMAPGIM QMA Long-Short Equity
PIMCOPIMCO RAE Worldwide Long/Short PLUS
RiverParkRiverPark Long/Short Opportunity
SalientSalient Tactical Growth
SalientSalient Tactical Plus
ScharfScharf Alpha Opportunity
SchwabSchwab Hedged Equity
Securian AMSecurian AM Managed Volatility Eq
SiriosSirios Long/Short
Snow CapitalSnow Capital Long/Short Opportunity
The Covered Bridge FundThe Covered Bridge Fund
ThornburgThornburg Long/Short Equity
ToewsToews Tactical Defensive Alpha
ToewsToews Tactical Monument
ToewsToews Tactical Oceana
ToewsToews Tactical Opportunity
Virtus KARVirtus KAR Long/Short Equity
WaycrossWaycross Long/Short Equity
Weitz Partners IIIWeitz Partners III Opportunity
WilmingtonWilmington Global Alpha Equities