Equity LS Index Constituents 2021

As described elsewhere, this list is based on managers in the database as of the end-of-the-year. We believe that this is a representative selection of programs that are open and marketed to qualified investors. This list may contain managers that have changed names or that ceased to operate throughout 2021. For 2021, we have 284 managers in the index. 

361 CapitalDomestic Long/Short Equity
361 CapitalGlobal Long/Short Equity
ABRDynamic Blend Equity & Volatil
Absolute InsightEquity Market
Absolute Investment AdvCapital Opportunities
Accendo CapitalAccendo Capital
ACMDynamic Opportunity
Adrigo Asset ManagementAdrigo Small  & Midcap LS
AlcurAlcur Select
AlgebrisFinancial Equity Fund
AlgerDynamic Opportunities
AlkenAbsolute Return
Allianz Global InvestorsDiscovery Europe Strategy
AmericaFirstAmericaFirst Defensive Growth
AMGRiver Road Long-Short
AmundiAbsolute Return European Equities
Anavon CapitalAbsolute Alpha
Anavon CapitalGlobal Equity (Tages)
Anchor CapitalTactical Equity Strategies
Anchor CapitalTactical Global Strategies
AnimaStar High Potential Europe
AnimaStar High Potential Italy
AntipodesGlobal Fund
AQR Capital ManagementAQR Volatility Risk Premium Fund
AQR Capital ManagementDelphi Long Short
AQR Capital ManagementLong-Short Equity
ArcusJapan Long Short
ArdevoraGlobal Equity
ArdevoraUk Equity
ArgonautAbsolute Return
ARINArin Large Cap Theta Fund
ArtemisUs Absolute Return
Atlant FonderAtlant Edge
Atlant FonderAtlant MultiStrategy
Atlant FonderAtlant Opportunity
Atlant FonderAtlant Protect
Atlant FonderAtlant Sharp
Atlant FonderAtlant Stability
AXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives FundAXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund
BanorMistral Long Short Equity
BeaconBeacon Accelerated Return Strategy Fund
BeaconBeacon Planned Return Strategy Fund
Black and White CapitalInnovation
BlackrockAmericas Diversified Equity
BlackrockAsia-Pacific Absolute
BlackrockEmerging Companies Absolute Return
BlackrockEmerging Markets Absolute
BlackrockGlobal Long Short
BlackrockGlobal Long Short UCITS
BlackrockUK Absolute Alpha
Boston PartnersBoston Partners Emerging Mkts L/S
Boston PartnersBoston Partners Long/Short Equity
Boston PartnersBoston Partners Long/Short Rsrch
Boston PartnersPartners Global Long/Short
BreacherBreacher Core
BreacherBreacher Enhanced
BreacherBreacher Partners Strategy
CalamosCalamos Phineus Long/Short
Caldwell & OrkinCaldwell & Orkin – Gator Capital L/S
Candriam Investors GroupAbsolute Return Long Short
Cargo Investment ManagementNorth America Long Short Equity (Banor)
CarmignacPortfolio Long Short European Equities
CarmignacPortfolio Long Short Global Equities
CARN Capital ASCARN Long Short
Catella FondforvaltningCatella Nordic Long Short Equity
CausewayCauseway Global Absolute Return Instl
CDAMGlobal Opportunities (Keplar)
Cederberg CapitalGreater China (Banor)
CharlemagneOaks Emerging and Frontier
ChiltonEquity Long Short (Franklin K2)
Clough GlobalClough Global Long/Short
Coeli Asset ManagementCoeli Absolute European Equity
Coeli Asset ManagementCoeli Energy Transition
Contour Asset ManagementTech Long/Short (Schroders)
Cooper CreekNorth America Long Short Equity (ML)
CounterpointConvergence Long/Short Equity
CounterpointCounterpoint Tactical Equity
Crawford LakeUS Equities
Credit Suisse Asset ManagementSmall and Mid Cap Long Short Alpha
CRMLong/Short Opportunities
CZAbsolute Alpha
Dalton InvestmentsAsia Pacific L/S
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Eastern Europe Absolute
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Europe LongShort Equity Factors
Diamond HillDiamond Hill Long-Short
Diamond HillDiamond Hill Research Opportunities
DNB Asset ManagementDNB TMT Absolute Return
DNCA InvestVenasquo
Duet GroupEmim Africa (HI)
EgertonEgerton Equity (Schroders)
EJFAlpha Opportunities (IAM)
Electron Capital PartnersElectron Global (Franklin K2)
Elementa ManagementElementa
ElevaAbsolute Return Europe
EnnismoreEuropean Smaller Companies
FidelityAbsolute Return Asian
FinlaboDynamic Emerging Markets
FinlaboDynamic Equity
FinlaboDynamic US Equity
FintrustFintrust Income and Opportunity
First Quadrant LPFQ Long-Short Equity
ForesterForester Value
FS InvestmentsLong/Short Equity
FTC CapitalFTC Gideon I
GAM International ManagementStar Alpha Technology
GAM International ManagementStar Lux Financials
GianoLS Equity (ML)
GlenmedeQuant US Long/Short Equity
GothamGotham Absolute 500 Core
GothamGotham Absolute 500 Institutional
GothamGotham Absolute Return Institutional
GothamGotham Defensive Long 500
GothamGotham Defensive Long Institutional
GothamGotham Hedged Core Institutional
GothamGotham Hedged Plus Institutional
GothamGotham Total Return
Greenwich IvyGlobal Tactical Fund
GuggenheimGuggenheim Alpha Opportunity
GuggenheimGuggenheim Long Short Equity
H2OGlobal LS
Hancock HorizonHancock Horizon Quant Long/Short
HighlandHighland Long/Short Healthcare
HussmanHussman Strategic Growth
HussmanHussman Strategic International
Incentive ASIncentive Active Value
InclineGlobal Long Short
InfusiveConsumer Alpha Global
InvenomicInvenomic Institutional
InvestecEnhanced Natural Resources
James AlphaJames Alpha EHS Portfolio
James AlphaJames Alpha Relative Value
JanusHendersonEuropean Absolute
JanusHendersonGlobal Equity
JanusHendersonHorizon China
JanusHendersonHorizon Pan European Alpha
JanusHendersonUK Absolute
JanusHendersonUnited Kingdom
JHancockHancock Seaport Long/Short
JPMorganEquity Premium Income Fund
JPMorganHedged Equity Fund
JPMorganInternational Hedged Equity
JPMorganJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S
JupiterAbsolute Return UK
JupiterGlobal Absolute Return
JupiterInternational Financials
KairosActiv ESG
KairosItaly L/S
KairosKey L/S
Keel CapitalFoghorn
Kettle HillUS Long Short
Knights of ColumbusKnights of Columbus Long/Short Equity
LazardDiversified Return
LazardEuropean Alternative
Legg MasonMartin Currie Abs Alpha
LiontrustEuropean Strategic
Lombard Odier Investment ManagersFundamental Equity
Lombard Odier Investment ManagersTerreneuve
LongboardLongboard Alternative Growth
LS OpportunityLS Opportunity Fund
Lucerne Capital ManagementNordic
LupusAlpha All Opportunities
LyxorBluescale Global Equity
MainMain BuyWrite Fund
Man GLGGLG European Equity
Man GLGGLG European Mid
Man GLGGLG US Absolute
Marble Bar Asset ManagementChelodina (ML)
Max Mitteregger KapitalforvaltningGladiator Fond
MelchiorEuropean Absolute return
MelchiorEuropean Enhanced Absolute
MerianUK Dynamic Equity
MerianUK Opportunities
MerianUK Specialist Equity
MFMGlobal Thematic Long Short
MidwoodLong/Short Equity Fund
MSInv Liquid Alpha
NavigatorNavigator Equity Hedged
NavigatorNavigator Sentry Managed Volatility
Neuberger Berman GroupNeuberger Berman Long Short
New MountainVantage (ML)
NOMA Capital ASNOMA Fokus AS
Nordic Archipelago InvestmentsChelonia Market Neutral
Nordic Cross Asset ManagementNordic Cross Small Cap Edge
NorronNorron Select
NorronNorron Target
NuanceNuance Concentrated Value L-S
NuveenNuveen Equity Long/Short
OdeyAbsolute Return
OdeyEuropean Focus Absolute
Origo CapitalOrigo Quest 1
Oslo Asset ManagementAAM Absolute Return Fund
Othania InvestInvestin Othania Etisk
Otter CreekOtter Creek Long/Short Opportunity
Pareto Asset Management ASPareto Nordic Alpha B
Pareto Asset Management ASPareto Nordic Omega
Pareto Asset Management ASPareto Total
Parus FinanceEquity Long Short (Rotschild)
PersimmonPersimmon Long/Short
Petrus AdvisersSpecial Situations
PGIM QMAPGIM QMA Long-Short Equity
PictetCorto Europe Long Short
Pictet Asset ManagementCorto Europe
Pictet Asset ManagementMandarin
PIMCOPIMCO RAE Worldwide Long/Short PLUS
PlatinumWorld Portfolios Asia
PlatinumWorld Portfolios International
PlatinumWorld Portfolios Japan
PortlandHill ESG European
Prentice CapitalEquity Long Short (Rotschild)
Prior & Nilsson Fond och KapitalforvaltningPriorNilsson  Yield
Prior & Nilsson Fond och KapitalforvaltningPriorNilsson Idea
Proxy P ManagementProxy Renewable LongShort Energy
RAM Rational Asset ManagementRAM ONE
Rhenman & Partners Asset ManagementRhenman Healthcare Equity LS
RiverParkRiverPark Long/Short Opportunity
Roubaix CapitalStars & Stripes (Prosper)
RWCPensato Europa Absolute
SalientSalient Tactical Growth
SalientSalient Tactical Plus
SandlerUS Equity (Lyxor)
ScharfScharf Alpha Opportunity
SchrodersEuropean Alpha
SchrodersIsf European Equity
SchrodersUK Dynamic Absolute
SchwabSchwab Hedged Equity
Sector Gamma ASSector Healthcare Fund
Sector Theta ASSector Zen Fund
Securian AMSecurian AM Managed Volatility Eq
Sentat Asset ManagementThyra Hedge
Shannon RiverLong/Short Technology (U Access)
SiriosSirios Long/Short
SiriusSirius S&P Strategic Large-Cap
Sloane RobinsonEmerging (Keplar)
Smith & WilliamsonEnterprise
Snow CapitalSnow Capital Long/Short Opportunity
Solys ViaSmart Income Europe
St Petri CapitalLongShort
SWMCEuropean Fund
SWMCSmall Cap European
SycomoreLS Opportunities
Symmetry InvestSymmetry Invest AS
Taiga Fund Management ASTaiga Fund
TellworthTellworth / Sanditon Uk Select
The Covered BridgeThe Covered Bridge Fund
ThornburgThornburg Long/Short Equity
ThreadneedleAmerican Absolute Alpha
ThreadneedlePan-European Absolute
ThreadneedleUK Absolute Alpha
ToewsToews Tactical Defensive Alpha
ToewsToews Tactical Monument
ToewsToews Tactical Oceana
ToewsToews Tactical Opportunity
ToscaEquity Long Short
TriumESG Emissions Impact
TTEuropean Opportunities Long Short
UBSEquity Opportunity
UBSGlobal Equity Long Short
VeritasGlobal Real Return
Virtus KARVirtus KAR Long/Short Equity
VISIO Asset ManagementVISIO Allocator Fund
WarburgDefensiv Fonds
WaycrossWaycross Long/Short Equity
Weitz Partners IIIWeitz Partners III Opportunity
WellingtonStrategic European Equity
WellingtonTechnology (Franklin K2)
WellingtonUS Equity Long
WellsFargoGlobal Long Short
WilmingtonWilmington Global Alpha Equities
ZealGreater China (Lumyna)