Fixed Income Constituents 2021

As described elsewhere, this list is based on managers in the database as of the end-of-the-year. We believe that this is a representative selection of programs that are open and marketed to qualified investors. This list may contain managers that have changed names or that ceased to operate throughout 2021. For 2021, we have 124 managers in the index. 

Absolute InsightCredit
Absolute InsightEmerging Markets
Absolute Investment AdvConvertible Arbitrage
AegonAbsolute Return Bond
Agenta Investment ManagementAgenta Alternative Fixed Income
AlgebrisMacro Credit fund
Allianz Global InvestorsFixed Income Macro
American BeaconSSI Alternative Inc
ApertureCredit Opportunities
AvivaInvestors Global Convertibles
AxiomLong Short Credit
BlackrockGlobal Absolute Return
BlackrockStrategic Funds Fixed
BluebayEmerging Market Unconstrained Bond
BluebayGlobal Sovereign Opportunities
BluebayInvestment Grade Absolute
Borea Asset Management ASBorea European Credit
Borea Asset Management ASBorea Obligasjon
BramshillIncome Performance
ButlerCredit Opportunities
CABA CapitalCABA Hedge
CairnMediobanca Strata
Candriam Investors GroupLong Short Credit
Capital Four ManagementCapital Four Credit Opportunities Fund
Carlsson Noren Asset ManagementCarlsson Noren Macro Fund
Carlsson Noren Asset ManagementCarlsson Noren Yield Opportunity
Catella FondforvaltningCatella Credit Opportunity
Catella FondforvaltningCatella Nordic Corporate Bond Flex
ChenavariCredit Strategy (Lyxor)
CheyneConvertibles Absolute Return
CheyneEnhanced Global Credit
CheyneGlobal Credit
CIFCLong Short Credit
Credit Suisse Asset ManagementConvert International Bond
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Fixed Income Global Value
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Fixed Income Relative Value
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Hedge Fixed Income Strategies
Danske Bank Asset ManagementDanske Invest Hedge Mortgage Arbitrage
DCIMarket Neutral Credit
Edmond de RothschildGlobal Convertibles
Edmond de RothschildGlobal Sustainable Convertible
EllingtonEllington Structured Credit (Franklin K2)
EmsoEmerging Markets Absolute
Excalibur Asset ManagementExcalibur
Fisch Asset ManagementAbsolute Return Global
Fisch Asset ManagementConvertible Global Defensive
Fisch Asset ManagementConvertible Global Dynamic
Fisch Asset ManagementConvertible Global Sustainable
Formuepleje Fund ManagementFormuepleje Fokus
Frost Asset ManagementFrost
GAM International ManagementStar Cat Bond
GAM International ManagementStar Emerging Market
GAM International ManagementStar Global Rates
GAM International ManagementStar Lux Convertible
GAM International ManagementSystematic Dynamic Credit
Global Credit AdvisersLong/Short Credit (U Access)
HermesAbsolute Return
HP FondsmaglerselskabHP Hedge Danish Bonds
InsightAbsolute Return Bond
InsightGlobal Absolute Return
IronshieldCredit Fund
JanusHendersonHorizon Total
JPMorganIncome Opportunity
KBCBonds Convertibles
KLP Kapitalforvaltning ASKLP Alfa Global Rente
KLS DiversifiedKLS Fixed Income (Lumyna)
Lake Geneva Investment PartnersFixed Income Allocator
LazardEmerging Markets Debt Blend
LazardEmerging Markets Local Debt
LazardEmerging Markets Total
LazardRathmore Alternative
Legal & GeneralDynamic Bond
Legg MasonBrandywine Global Credit Opportunities
Legg MasonBrandywine Global Enhanced Absolute Return
Legg MasonBrandywine Global Fixed Income Absolute Return
Legg MasonWestern Asset Macro Opp
LFISVision Credit
LiontrustAbsolute Return
Lombard Odier Investment ManagersCat Bonds
LUKBGlobal Convertible Bond Fund
M & G Investment ManagementAbsolute Return
MacQuarieGlobal Income Opportunities
Man GLGGLG Credit Multi
Man GLGGLG Global Convertibles
ManulifeAsian Bond Absolute
MerianStrategic Absolute Return
MidoceanAbsolue Return Credit (Alma)
Moma AdvisorsAsgard Credit Fund
Moma AdvisorsAsgard Fixed Income Fund
MuzinichEuropean Credit Alpha
MuzinichLong Short Credit
Nordic Cross Asset ManagementNordic Cross Credit Edge
Nordic Cross Asset ManagementNordic Cross Total Return Bond Fund
Nordkinn Asset ManagementNordkinn Fixed Income Macro Fund
NumenCredit (HI)
Nykredit Asset ManagementNykredit EVIRA Hedge Fund
Nykredit Asset ManagementNykredit KOBRA Hedge Fund
Nykredit Asset ManagementNykredit MIRA Hedge Fund
OysterGlobal Convertible
PareturnGladwyne Absolute Credit
PFA Asset ManagementMidgard Fixed Income Fund
PIMCOGIS Mortgage Opportunities
PIMCOSelect Unconstrained Bond
PolarCapital Global Absolute
RobecoQI Long/Short Dynamic Duration
RoxburyCredit Events
Royal LondonAbsolute Return
SEB GroupEureka Fixed Income Relative Value
Secquaero AdvisorsCat Bond (Schroders)
SecurisCatastrophe Bond
SelwoodMarket Neutral Credit (Alma)
Skandinaviska KreditfondenScandinavian Credit Fund I
SRV CapitalInvestin SRV  Fixed Income
Standard LifeAbsolute Global Bond
Strukturinvest Fondkommission (FK)Hamiltonian Global Credit Opportunity Fund
ThreadneedleCredit Opportunities
ThreadneedleGlobal Investment
TwelveCat Bond Fund
TwelveFalcon ILS Strategy
Tyrus CapitalGlobal Convertible
Vontobel Asset ManagementAbsolute Return Bond
XaiaCredit Basis
XaiaCredit Basis II
XaiaCredit Debt Capital