Market Neutral Constituents 2021 – Systematic

As described elsewhere, this list is based on managers in the database as of the end-of-the-year. We believe that this is a representative selection of programs that are open and marketed to qualified investors. This list may contain managers that have changed names or that ceased to operate throughout 2021.

Adaptive Hedge Fund ManagementParadigm Alpha
American CenturyMarket Neutral Val
AQR Capital ManagementEquity Market Neutral
BNP TheamQuant Dispersion US
Candriam Investors GroupIndex Arbitrage
EraamLong Short Equity
Fort LPGlobal Equity
GothamGotham Master Neutral
GothamGotham Neutral
GothamGotham Neutral 500
GuggenheimGuggenheim Market Neutral
InvescoGlobal Absolute Return
InvescoGlobal Equity Market
InvescoInvesco All Cap Market Neutral
John Locke InvestmentsEquity Market Neutral
JPMorganJPMorgan Research Market Neutral
LGT Capital PartnersLGT Sustainable Equity Market
MarshallWaceMW Liquid
MarshallWaceMW Tops
MarshallWaceMW Tops Market Neutral
MaverickQM Neutral (GS)
MerianGlobal Equity Absolute
OsmosisMore World Sustainable
OysterEquity Premia Global
PIMCOPIMCO RAE Fundamental Advantage PLUS
PlatoGlobal Market Neutral
Putnam PanAgoraPutnam PanAgora Market Neutral
QQM Fund ManagementQQM Equity Hedge
QSQS Global Market Neutral
QuantologyAbsolute Return
RAMLong Short Emerging
RAMLong Short European
RAMLong Short Global
RG Tactical Market Neutral InstitutionalRG Tactical Market Neutral Institutional
SchrodersGlobal Equity Market Neutral
SevenFortress Fund
TriumEuropean Equity Market
VanguardVanguard Market Neutral
VictoryVictory Market Neutral Income