CTA Dispersion

Out of the 647 CTA that are currently reporting to a database, we calculate the dispersion of the Year-to-date results (with only a few managers reporting full year-to-date numbers) and note that we are observing a large dispersion with the interquartile range close to 14%. Sign up to http://www.nilssonhedge.com to access the underlying data.

Database Updated

Database has been updated, with 221 managers reporting numbers for the end of the year. Two new programs added to the database, Praus Capital and Persistent Capital Management. While Nilssonhedge provides backfilled returns, it also marks backfilled returns as such. Database contains 874 different managers, representing 1494 different investment strategies. For the current reporting month, … Continue reading Database Updated

New Managers added to the Database

The following managers have been added to the database as per this month: 1512 SG Capital Management AG Aenaon Markets Atreaus Capital Auspice Capital Advisors Blackheath Fund Management CCTrack Solutions County Cork Dynamic Capital Management Fuchs & Associes Finance Gresham Investment Management Harvest Volatility Management Henrik Hallenborg HPX Financial Incline Investment Management Laurel Canyon Partners … Continue reading New Managers added to the Database


Flash Reports are now available for CTAs, Crypto, Asset Allocators , Risk Premia and Long only managers. These will be updated in sync with the database. Manager classification is subject to error. Sign up for the database at http://www.nilssonhedge.com

Database updated

The database has been updated. 787 managers, 1338 program are reporting to the database. As of this weekly update, 696 programs had reported returns for November and 790 programs had reported for October 2018. Sign up for the most comprehensive CTA database available on http://www.nilssonhedge.com. The database remains free for the time being.