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New & Closed – 2020 January

As part of a regular exercise, we scan the NFA register for new and closed manager. The below report will be developed over time and will be a recurring feature. We would like to highlight that some of the closures and registrations are due to corporate (re)structuring.

Since we started to track these numbers, the annual rate of CTAs closing is in the order of 15% p.a. Since October, the count has gone from 2833 to 2732, a loss of approximately 100 managers.

In January, 19 managers applied for a new registrations with the NFA. Most of them are located in the USA. The Cayman Islands were the second most popular location to start a new CTA. This largely follows the distribution of managers. Not all of the managers are new, but have decided to register a specific entity.

Raindrop Financial IncIowaUnited States1/8/2020
Navigator Asset Management LlcPennsylvaniaUnited States1/11/2020
Tyton WealthWyomingUnited States1/11/2020
Crypto Asset Management LlcIllinoisUnited States1/11/2020
Trailhead Commodity Management LlcColoradoUnited States1/21/2020
405 Gp LtdCayman Islands1/21/2020
Resolve Asset Management Sezc CaymanCayman Islands1/21/2020
Csat Investment Advisory lpMichiganUnited States1/23/2020
Mesadieu, GeralOhioUnited States1/24/2020
Final Asset Management LlcArizonaUnited States1/24/2020
Maniyar Capital Advisors Uk LtdUnited Kingdom1/26/2020
Xmonetae Capital LlcNew YorkUnited States1/26/2020
Yungasi IncNew YorkUnited States1/29/2020
Epeak Member LlcNew YorkUnited States1/29/2020
Dafex Global LtdColoradoUnited States1/29/2020
Minnesota Health Institute LlcMinnesotaUnited States1/29/2020
Batla Wealth Management LlcTexasUnited States1/30/2020
Rite Advisory LlcConnecticutUnited States1/31/2020
Myriad Asset Management LimitedHong Kong1/31/2020

Funds withdrawing registrations was significantly higher in January, with a total of 59 managers handing back their regulatory status. The same applies for closed managers, a particular manager may have elected to close a specific local entity and may still be actively trading. 49 of the 59 managers were located in the US.

Bailey, R DTexasUnited States1/8/2020
Hw Associates IncNew YorkUnited States1/23/2020
Cohen, AmosIsrael1/8/2020
Delafon, Olivier DFrance1/21/2020
Mark J Walsh & CompanyIllinoisUnited States1/31/2020
Fornengo, John DomenicIllinoisUnited States1/3/2020
Fort Lewis IncKansasUnited States1/8/2020
Conger Asset Management LlcIllinoisUnited States1/1/2020
Tt InternationalUnited Kingdom1/8/2020
Mf Global IncNew YorkUnited States1/21/2020
Spirit Investments IncCaliforniaUnited States1/21/2020
Commodity Trading International CorpCaliforniaUnited States1/21/2020
Yannix Management lpConnecticutUnited States1/9/2020
Northern Advisors LlcIllinoisUnited States1/10/2020
J Goldman & Co lpNew YorkUnited States1/1/2020
Neptune Investing LlcUtahUnited States1/8/2020
Lugos Capital Management LlcIllinoisUnited States1/23/2020
Direct Investment Products IncCaliforniaUnited States1/21/2020
Institutional Capital Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States1/21/2020
Cortan Manager I LlcNew YorkUnited States1/21/2020
Jps Capital Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States1/21/2020
Mdfx LlcMarylandUnited States1/21/2020
Gladius Asset Management LlcIllinoisUnited States1/29/2020
Dimension Capital Management LlcTexasUnited States1/21/2020
Ppx Capital Management LlcGeorgiaUnited States1/8/2020
De Shaw Heliant International Fund Gp LlcNew YorkUnited States1/21/2020
Leeon Roar LlcNew YorkUnited States1/8/2020
Mikhailau, MikalaiOntarioCanada1/8/2020
Tactical Wealth Management Group LlcNorth CarolinaUnited States1/21/2020
Crow Holdings Capital Partners LlcTexasUnited States1/3/2020
Stone Milliner Asset Management LlpUnited Kingdom1/31/2020
Arcturus Partners LlcGeorgiaUnited States1/8/2020
Cogent Energy Investment Management LlcConnecticutUnited States1/1/2020
Arlington Fund Manager LlcAlabamaUnited States1/23/2020
John Street Capital LlpUnited Kingdom1/10/2020
Bybrook Capital Management LimitedUnited Kingdom1/21/2020
Corepro Capital LlcPennsylvaniaUnited States1/11/2020
Alder Hill Management lpNew YorkUnited States1/8/2020
Risk Premium Investment Management Company LlcNew YorkUnited States1/11/2020
Arctic Blue Capital LtdUnited Kingdom1/11/2020
Qqv Capital Management LlcNew JerseyUnited States1/4/2020
North End Commodity Advisors LlcNew YorkUnited States1/3/2020
Golden Meadow Investments LlcNew JerseyUnited States1/21/2020
Questus Trading LlcKentuckyUnited States1/21/2020
Axfund Capital Management LlcNew JerseyUnited States1/8/2020
Pemvi Alternative Investments LlcNorth CarolinaUnited States1/21/2020
Narrow Gate Capital Management LlcTennesseeUnited States1/8/2020
Mesirow Financial International Uk LimitedEngland1/21/2020
Commstock Managed Futures LlcIowaUnited States1/29/2020
Swing Capital Management LlcTexasUnited States1/8/2020
Asturion Capital LlcFloridaUnited States1/8/2020
Fleet Futures Trading Advisory LlcWashingtonUnited States1/8/2020
Stern Line Capital LlcTexasUnited States1/3/2020
Deepmacro LlcNew YorkUnited States1/11/2020
Calix Capital Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States1/29/2020
Long Corridor Asset Management LimitedHong Kong1/23/2020
Clarendon Alpha LlcMassachusettsUnited States1/30/2020
Resler, DaltonMissouriUnited States1/23/2020
Levant LlcIllinoisUnited States1/10/2020