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New’n’Closed – 2020 July

As part of a regular exercise, we scan the NFA register for new and closed managers. This report will developed over time and will be a recurring feature. We would like to highlight that some of the closures and registrations are due to corporate (re)structuring and does not necessarily indicate that the manager has shut down their trading program.

The number of managers registered with the NFA declined by 35, which is a higher number than what we have seen recently. After a brief uptick in June, the number of manager continued at approximately the prior speed.

June, featured a a decrease in the number of managers seeking or doing business under the CTA registration. We observed an increase of the number of active CTAs, in line with earlier estimates, with a net loss of 35 managers. We observed 23 new managers and 58 managers closed throughout July.

In total, we have 2633 managers either as registered managers or pending registration with the NFA. We have 2122 managers as properly under the NFA’s control which is unchanged as most of the new managers are “Pending” registration with the NFA.

In June, 23 managers applied for a new registrations with the NFA. As usual, most of them are located in the USA. Vanuatu, with “We One” was the first registration on that particular.

Iifl Capital Pte Ltd Singapore7/1/2020
Luminus Im lpNew YorkUnited States7/1/2020
Mountain Management LlcAlabamaUnited States7/1/2020
Spark Change Securities LlcWashingtonUnited States7/3/2020
Salt Rock Capital Partners Llp United Kingdom7/3/2020
Finalyze Capital LlcIllinoisUnited States7/4/2020
Aenaon Markets Ltd Greece7/9/2020
Birchlane Capital Llp United Kingdom7/10/2020
Scott Cole Enterprises LlcMarylandUnited States7/10/2020
Eagle Capital Advisors LlcNew JerseyUnited States7/10/2020
Wiseman Capital Limited United Kingdom7/13/2020
Alloyed Enterprises IncColoradoUnited States7/14/2020
We One Limited Vanuatu7/15/2020
Boothbay Fund Management LlcNew YorkUnited States7/16/2020
Kreiser, Kevin MichaelMassachusettsUnited States7/19/2020
Value Ai Limited Hong Kong7/22/2020
Kiama Capital LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/23/2020
Cunningham Asset Management LlcNevadaUnited States7/23/2020
Forex Mandamus Services IncNew YorkUnited States7/24/2020
Sutro Capital Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/25/2020
Derivative Path IncCaliforniaUnited States7/26/2020
Cortes, DiegoNew YorkUnited States7/29/2020
Teifeld, Leonard MIllinoisUnited States7/31/2020

Funds withdrawing registrations was again back to normal levels with a total of 58 managers withdrawing from the NFA register. The same applies for closed managers, a particular manager may have elected to close a specific local entity and may still be actively trading. 47 of the 58 managers were located in the US.

Pinstripe Trading LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/1/2020
Alaris Global LlcVirginiaUnited States7/3/2020
Rathod Capital Management LlcNew JerseyUnited States7/3/2020
Daniel B Stark & Co IncCaliforniaUnited States7/8/2020
Chesler, Daniel LouisFloridaUnited States7/8/2020
Jackson, James LIllinoisUnited States7/8/2020
Jennings Capital ManagementFloridaUnited States7/8/2020
Willoughby, Robert StephenNew YorkUnited States7/8/2020
Fox Capital Management LlcMassachusettsUnited States7/8/2020
Pier Trading Company LlcAlabamaUnited States7/8/2020
Macrowaters Global Cayman Islands Hong Kong7/8/2020
Sutro Capital Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/8/2020
Wilshire Phoenix Funds LlcNew YorkUnited States7/9/2020
Bressert Capital Management LlcVirginiaUnited States7/10/2020
Hirn Capital LlcPennsylvaniaUnited States7/10/2020
Tiff Advisory Services IncPennsylvaniaUnited States7/13/2020
Macrosynergy Partners Llp United Kingdom7/13/2020
3edge Asset Management lpMassachusettsUnited States7/13/2020
Evolution Investment Management LlcFloridaUnited States7/13/2020
Fineman, Theodore PFloridaUnited States7/15/2020
Final Asset Management LlcArizonaUnited States7/17/2020
Goodlight Capital Group LlcMassachusettsUnited States7/17/2020
1 Main Capital Partners lpNew YorkUnited States7/17/2020
Index Trading LlcIllinoisUnited States7/17/2020
Alpstone Capital Cayman Limited Cayman Islands7/18/2020
Post Oak Investment Management IncTexasUnited States7/19/2020
Dg Partners Us LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/22/2020
Mi International Group Limited Virgin Islands7/22/2020
Aspro Exchange LimitedColoradoUnited States7/22/2020
Hustal Global Pte LtdColoradoUnited States7/22/2020
Rubicon Fund Management Llp United Kingdom7/23/2020
Rubicon Fund Management Jersey Limited Jersey Island7/23/2020
Measure 8 Ventures Management LlcNew YorkUnited States7/23/2020
Rampart Investment Management Company LlcConnecticutUnited States7/24/2020
Ryzz Capital Management LlcArizonaUnited States7/24/2020
Brightview Capital Management LlcNew JerseyUnited States7/24/2020
Vanda Asset Management Limited United Kingdom7/25/2020
Evast Prime Limited Hong Kong7/25/2020
Quantiacs LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/26/2020
Fortitude Investments LlcIllinoisUnited States7/26/2020
Kosack Capital LlcMarylandUnited States7/26/2020
Mangrove PartnersNew YorkUnited States7/29/2020
Apollo An Credit Management LlcNew YorkUnited States7/29/2020
Eagle Growth Fund lpNew JerseyUnited States7/29/2020
Rok Gp LlcNew YorkUnited States7/29/2020
Southern Trust Securities IncFloridaUnited States7/30/2020
Hfic Partners LlcNew YorkUnited States7/30/2020
Galileo Trading LlcNew YorkUnited States7/30/2020
Primary Assets Management Corporation British Virgin Islands7/30/2020
Ats Analytics Corp Panama7/30/2020
Brunswick Capital Partners lpNew YorkUnited States7/30/2020
Matador Holdings LlcTexasUnited States7/30/2020
Xva Capital Management LlcTexasUnited States7/30/2020
Lion Crown Capital Management LtdCaliforniaUnited States7/30/2020
Brummer Multi Strategy abStockholmSweden7/30/2020
Ks Global Strategies IncCaliforniaUnited States7/31/2020
Brol Capital Management LlcAlabamaUnited States7/31/2020
Reventon Capital LlcCaliforniaUnited States7/31/2020

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