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New’n’Closed – 2020 May

As part of a regular exercise, we scan the NFA register for new and closed managers. This report will developed over time and will be a recurring feature. We would like to highlight that some of the closures and registrations are due to corporate (re)structuring and does not indicate that the manager has shut down their trading program.

May, featured a a small decline in the number of managers seeking or doing business under the CTA moniker. We observed a decline of the number of active CTAs, in line with earlier estimates, with a net loss of 8 managers. We observed 27 new managers and 35 managers closed throughout May.

The total number of managers in the Managed Futures space

In total, we have 2667 managers either as registered managers or pending registration with the NFA. We have 2127 managers as properly under the NFA’s control.

In May, 27 managers applied for a new registrations with the NFA. As usual, most of them are located in the USA. Singapore and Switzerland each had one new manager. This largely follows the distribution of managers.

Nuvision Capital LlcIllinoisUnited States5/2/2020
Paul Joseph Management LlcNew YorkUnited States5/3/2020
Index Trading LlcIllinoisUnited States5/3/2020
Liontakis, EmmanuelNew JerseyUnited States5/3/2020
Vernon Capital Partners LlcNorth CarolinaUnited States5/6/2020
Global Dynamic Systems LlcNew YorkUnited States5/7/2020
Amherst Capital Management LlcTexasUnited States5/7/2020
Third Point Financial Markets Group LtdLondonEngland5/7/2020
Jerry, RobertTennesseeUnited States5/7/2020
Kippes Wealth Management LlcColoradoUnited States5/8/2020
Grants Tech LimitedUnited Kingdom5/10/2020
Hunter Perkins Capital Management LlcIllinoisUnited States5/10/2020
Iqis LlcCaliforniaUnited States5/12/2020
Blacklion Capital Management LlcTexasUnited States5/14/2020
Apollo Lion LlcNew YorkUnited States5/15/2020
Eagle Growth Fund lpNew JerseyUnited States5/16/2020
Bluecove LimitedUnited Kingdom5/17/2020
Hsaam Asset Management IncColoradoUnited States5/17/2020
Westphalia Capital LlcColoradoUnited States5/17/2020
Taiga Trading LlcCaliforniaUnited States5/17/2020
Tangpay Financial Markets Group LtdColoradoUnited States5/19/2020
Jin Yuan International Holdings LimitedSeychelles, Republic of5/20/2020
Tillandsia LlcSouth CarolinaUnited States5/20/2020
Lab Quantitative Strategies LlcColoradoUnited States5/23/2020
De Shaw Alkali General Partner V LlcNew YorkUnited States5/24/2020
Tilt Capital LlcIllinoisUnited States5/24/2020
Dymon Asia Uk LtdUnited Kingdom5/28/2020
Braswell, AlbertCaliforniaUnited States5/29/2020
Presige Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States5/29/2020
Piper Sandler Hedging Services LlcNew YorkUnited States5/29/2020

Funds withdrawing registrations was again back to normal levels in April, with a total of 38 managers withdrawing from the NFA register. The same applies for closed managers, a particular manager may have elected to close a specific local entity and may still be actively trading. 30 of the 38 managers were located in the US.

P Silverman & Company LlcNew YorkUnited States5/2/2020
Citadel Advisors Ii LlcIllinoisUnited States5/3/2020
Forum Asset Management LlcNew YorkUnited States5/6/2020
Nomura Global Alpha LlcNew YorkUnited States5/6/2020
Guardian Investment Manager lpTexasUnited States5/6/2020
Rp Investment Advisors lpOnCanada5/6/2020
Econometrics Capital lpPennsylvaniaUnited States5/6/2020
Wett Johnson Trading LlcIllinoisUnited States5/8/2020
Weiss Harrington And Associates LlcRhode IslandUnited States5/8/2020
Kings Men Capital Management LlcGeorgiaUnited States5/8/2020
Hardman Capital Management LlcNevadaUnited States5/8/2020
Argent Capital Trading LlcNorth CarolinaUnited States5/8/2020
Endor Handel GmbhSwitzerland5/8/2020
Touradji Capital Management lpFloridaUnited States5/10/2020
Oriental Splendor Cayman LimitedHong Kong5/10/2020
Alee Capital Management LlcIllinoisUnited States5/13/2020
Monsoon Capital LlcMarylandUnited States5/14/2020
Pine Lake Capital LlcVirginiaUnited States5/14/2020
Asa Tax Advantaged Advisors LlcMinnesotaUnited States5/15/2020
Campbell, Donald KeithMarylandUnited States5/16/2020
Campbell, Kevin PMarylandUnited States5/16/2020
Highfields Capital Management lpMassachusettsUnited States5/20/2020
Hollingsworth Capital Management IncFloridaUnited States5/20/2020
Stone Milliner Asset Management agSchwyzSwitzerland5/20/2020
Ofi Global Asset Management IncNew YorkUnited States5/20/2020
Prt Investment Management LlcIllinoisUnited States5/20/2020
Csc Partners Management LlcIllinoisUnited States5/20/2020
Lin Arbuse Ventures LlcNew YorkUnited States5/21/2020
Capital Theory Investment Management LlcTexasUnited States5/22/2020
Marto Capital lpNew YorkUnited States5/23/2020
Arpv Capital Partners LimitadaCosta Rica5/24/2020
Ibm Capital CorporationNew YorkUnited States5/24/2020
Arrowgrass Capital Partners LlpUnited Kingdom5/28/2020
36 South Investment Managers Ireland LimitedIreland5/28/2020
Kt Capital Management LlcCaliforniaUnited States5/28/2020
Cottonwood Capital Management LlcWashingtonUnited States5/29/2020
Bighorn Capital Partners LlcColoradoUnited States5/30/2020
Endeavour Strategic Management Ii LimitedGrand CaymanCayman Islands5/31/2020

Additional, continuously updated data can be found here: