Nilsson Hedge provides a free CTA/Managed Futures and Hedge Fund database. The majority of the database covers CTA or Managed Futures Managers, using a variety of styles and strategies. In addition, NilssonHedge offers supplemental coverage of a number of Long/Short Equity Managers, Fixed Income Strategies and Multi-Strategy hedge funds. The database is expanding continuously.

The free NilssonHedge database is focused on what matters most to you, as an investor, the returns of the funds. And we provide that in an analytical friendly approach that allows you to take control of the data. In a way that enables you to follow your investments.

The database is sourced from public sources and the format will change over time. The sourcing of the data is done through an automated Fintech solution. We combine a large number of different sources and aggregate performance across managers, funds, distributors and share classes. In addition, we enrich the data with additional fields to allow you to search and filter for specific types of managers.

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NilssonHedge provides a truly comprehensive hedge fund database. We do not provide capital introductions, nor do we promote individual managers or tell you how to create the best mix of managers. The format is not for technology-challenged users. It requires a user that can handle data. We know, but we also know that you know. That is why you are here. You are a quant, many of our managers are quants, many of our users are quants. We are the home of the NilssonReport, a monthly performance report for the less technically advanced users. The only thing we ask from you is that sign up for a free account and provide us with feedback. Enjoy and prosper!

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