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The NilssonReport shows the current state of the hedge fund database, including a current snapshot of the database. This is a comprehensive starting point for investors wanting to explore the NilssonHedge database. The NilssonReport provides an interesting overview of the most recent returns for about 2,000 different hedge funds. It is searchable, sortable, and exportable to other applications. What is even more important, it is completely free and does only requires modest Excel skills to navigate.

Click the icon to open the NilssonReport.

Managers are included if they are considered active, which means that they are reporting performance to a public source. This file is distributed without a password and is accessible to visitors of this webpage. The report features a full snapshot of the database and a separate section on CTAs.

The NilssonReport contains a limited set of precalculated analytics. All of the data should be verified with the underlying manager and the data and analytics can and will contain errors.

The statistics tab feature aggregated statistics from the database, showing the composition of the database, but also in terms of the number of managers that have reported for the month (compared to the prior month) and the distribution of the returns.

In the navigation bar on the top of this page, you can further explore asset class excerpts from the report, grouped by strategies. For instance, you can find the best performing CTA or the most efficient Equity Market Neutral strategy.