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Linus Nilsson, the founder of NilssonHedge

NilssonHedge is operated by Linus Nilsson, an experienced allocator that has spent close to twenty years investing in Hedge Funds (both privately and for institutions) or operating systematic strategies, as a startup but also as the CIO of a smaller European CTA.

Mr. Nilsson founded NilssonHedge, a public hedge fund database, as an initiative to bring transparency to the hedge fund universe. The database combines an innovative way of aggregating public performance data with free access to hedge fund returns.

Alex Lostado is a Quant Researcher at NilssonHedge. He is a student at Tilburg University (MSc Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science) and a data viz enthusiast. Mr. Lostado specializes in advanced analytics using a variety of techniques.

In particular, he has engineered the NilssonHedge factor database, a unique dataset measuring factor exposures across a large number of hedge funds. He joined NilssonHedge in 2020.

Alex Lostado is a Quant Researcher at NilssonHedge

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NilssonHedge can be found in Amsterdam and is happy to address any inquiries that you may have.