Market Neutral Index Discretionary

NilssonHedge provides two subsets for the Market Neutral index, split by decision making strategy, Systematic and Discretionary strategies. Discretionary managers are typically managing portfolios that are more concentrated, driven by company-specific analysis, and views are often subject to deeper fundamental analysis. We do not provide backtracked returns nor do we allow for “instant track-records”. The members of the index will be disclosed for the 2021 version. This index started in January 2021.

The purpose of the index is to track fund that are reporting data publically and may thus exclude certain managers that have chosen not to do so.

The index is based on managers that are part of the database as of the end of the prior year. We do not impose minimum requirements on track-records or aum for this subset. Managers that drop out of the index are replaced with the average return of the index. Index members for 2021 are found here.