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NilssonHedge provides qualified investors with an affordable source of hedge fund intelligence. We provide investors with access to specialized datasets and our broader database. The databases are updated weekly (and in some cases daily) and allow you access to the latest returns and assets under management for more than 5,000 unique strategies. We provide you with classification, limited qualitative data, and our assessment of the current market conditions.

Students and academics should reach out to us to discuss their data needs. If you are a smaller family office, please reach out to NilssonHedge to discuss options and needs. We are open to suggestions.

Licenses are single-site, and valid for 365 days from the time of purchase. We are happy to discuss extended licensing, redistribution, customization, analytics, and needs that you may have.

As of October 2022, we have changed our pricing policy. If you have donated to the upkeep of the site, please contact NilssonHedge as we would like to thank you for your generosity.