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Add Your Strategy

Applying for adding your strategy to the database is simple and free. Please complete the form below and will add your strategy to our database.

NilssonHedge does not provide capital introductions or introducing broker services. We only provide data.

If the form does not work, please send an introduction email to Please include Monthly returns and assets under management, in Excel or CSV format. Add the email above to your monthly mailing list. Feel free to add the necessary strategy documents, such as a pitchbook and a DDQ to the intro email.

We typically take a few days to process a new listing. Submitting this form is not a guarantee that we will list your strategy.

Unparalleled Reach

NilssonHedge has a unique dataset, and adding your strategy to our database enables you to reach a large number of investors – investment consultants, family offices, institutional investors, HNW, and fund-of-funds. You will build your brand awareness further and maximize your chances that you will be found through a quantitative search or via one of our online tools.

Through a listing, you gain the potential access to our large userbase. Can you afford that your competitors are getting a head start within those investors?