Solution Providers

NilssonHedge’s database is available on the AlphaBot Platform.

AlphaBot is a Portfolio Construction and Analytics tool offering a novel blend of functionality that has never been seen in either the traditional or alternative investment spaces.

It combines features that make complicated tasks simple starting from data acquisition, performing analysis, building portfolios, and all the way to executing allocations.

AlphaBot eliminates the need for complex and expensive research related infrastructure such as multitude of spreadsheets or custom databases, and helps you focus on what matters most – finding the next investment, client, or investor. Sign up for a free trial at

NilssonHedge is proud to endorse the following software package for evaluating and building your trading strategies.

DLPAL LS software generates features from price action that are used by hedge funds for the development of short-term directional and long/short trading strategies based on fixed algos or machine learning. Historical features values and grain/score files are also generated by the software. More information at: