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Solution Providers

NilssonHedge’s data is distributed through the following platforms (in alphabetical order):

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The NilssonHedge database is available on the Allocator Platform. Allocator is a software and data-as-a-service and company providing integrated solutions to the alternative investments industry.
We champion the pursuit of clarity, opportunity and efficiency for capital allocators worldwide and are fast becoming the innovation partner of choice for the world’s leading investment offices. We help private market investors transform their investment operations and research processes by providing a world-class data and analytics platform to support their investment decision making processes.

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The NilssonHedge database is available on the AlphaBot Platform. AlphaBot is a Portfolio Construction and Analytics tool offering a novel blend of functionality that has never been seen in either the traditional or alternative investment spaces. It combines features that make complicated tasks simple starting from data acquisition, performing analysis, building portfolios, and all the way to executing allocations. AlphaBot eliminates the need for complex and expensive research related infrastructure such as multitude of spreadsheets or custom databases, and helps you focus on what matters most – finding the next investment, client, or investor. Sign up for a free trial at

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The NilssonHedge database is available on the AlternativeSoft Platform. Since 2005, AlternativeSoft has simplified the asset selection and portfolio construction process for institutional investors, empowering users by creating a personalised investment universe driven by state-of-the-art analytics.
With a total combined AuM over $1.5tn worldwide, some of the world’s largest pension funds, fund of funds, family offices, private banks, endowments, foundations, wealth managers, and advisers trust AlternativeSoft to identify and analyze multi-asset class portfolios of hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs and private market funds. Find out more at

The NilssonHedge database is available on the Sandbox Platform. Sandbox is dedicated to providing the advisor/user with interactive, highly graphical portfolio construction tools and analytics. We want to facilitate unique investment insight, not just provide a number. Find out more at

The NilssonHedge database is available on the Qdeck Platform. Qdeck is a cloud-based wealth management and investment research platform that enables the monitoring, analysis, testing and trading of strategies and portfolios. Qdeck provides a wide variety of tools serving needs from portfolio construction to live P&L reporting and analysis, all powered by modern data infrastructure and accessible via the web. The needs of different users such as Wealth Managers, Allocators and CIO’s are met through a customizable interface that emphasizes the tools and views required for a client’s workflow. Find out more at