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Daily Database – Manager and Index Returns

NilssonHedge offers access to a daily return database, one of the underlying sources for our main database. This database features roughly 1 million data points over more than 500 different strategies, making it one of the most accessible, transparent, and comprehensive database sets for researchers, investors, and academics.

The NilssonHedge Daily Database is one of the few databases featuring daily data and is useful for performing research on Liquid Alternatives and other public hedge funds. This dataset offers a unique way to assess, benchmark, and analyze the different drivers of performance within this nascent asset class. We offer access to daily returns via our daily data set and our index data. Taken together, this offers insights into the structure of returns, contemporary correlations, and much more.

NilssonHedge features several interesting resources when it comes to Daily: A daily index and a correlation tracker are two of the tools that we have developed.