NilssonReport Improved

Our quick summary report, the NilssonReport, has been improved with estimated AUM for each strategy/firm. We know that this estimate is not always correct, on a strategy level, but may also refer to the firm’s total asset under management. However, it will you an indication of how “significant” the strategy is. The NilssonReport can be … Continue reading NilssonReport Improved

Database Updated – 72% Updated

Despite vacations and a lower volatility in financial markets, hedge funds and CTAs have continued to delivered performance data for July. The database is updated, with coverage of 1053 strategies (324 CTAs), indicating a positive return for July. The Database contains 1812 different managers, representing 3427 different investment strategies.For the current reporting month, 1055 managers … Continue reading Database Updated – 72% Updated

Top 10 / Worst 10 CTA YTD

With July almost wrapped up from a reporting perspective, we can give a preliminary update for the best and worst CTAs, both for the month, but also for the year. Given the volatility for the year, tail protective strategies have done particularly well, with the top spots being taken by strategies with a strong performance … Continue reading Top 10 / Worst 10 CTA YTD