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Year-To-Date Top 10/Bottom 10

Nilssonhedge is proud to present the preliminary line-up for the bottom/top 10 hedge funds reporting to public databases for 2018. As is seems, the top 10 is fairly diversified representing a large set of different managers. In contrast, the bottom 10 is clearly dominated by Crypto Funds. Notable is that Pantera Capital Management has managed to catch three out of the bottom ten positions. Here we also note that these funds have not reported returns for December yet. Sign up for the database to learn more at

105% Synerginvest CopulaMax ArbitrageMaste
74% SpreadEdge Capital Agriculture Seasonal Spreads
70% MDC Trading MDLC Global
70% GAIA Capital Management GAIA FX+
66% SpreadEdge Capital Diversified Seasonal Spread
63% Synerginvest CopulaMax RunnerCatche
58% United Standard Equities Serie
43% Amplitude Capital International Vivace Strategy
42% Blue Bar Futures Trading Management Prime Ag Program
39% Plus EV Capital Raise Alpha Prog
-67% Windy City Crypto Crypto Futura Fund
-71% World Cup Advisor Stefano Serafini Prestige
-72% RG Niederhoffer Capital Management Optimal Alpha ST Futures/Crypto
-74% Pantera Capital Management LP Pantera Bitcoin Fund Ltd
-80% Pantera Capital Management LP Pantera ICO Fund LP
-80% Tokenpot Capital LP Tokenpot Capital Master Fund LP
-83% World Cup Advisor Stefano Serafini Sundial
-85% Cryptos Fund Cryptos Fund
-86% Cyber Capital BV Cyber Capital Fund A
-87% Pantera Capital Management LP Pantera Digital Asset Fund LP

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