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Highest Performing CTAs 2018

Based on managers that have reported returns for December, here is the 20 highest performing CTAs. See the Flashreport and the database for more details.

Synerginvest CopulaMax ArbitrageMaste 105%
SpreadEdge Capital Agriculture Seasonal Spre 91.0%
SpreadEdge Capital Diversified Seasonal Spre 182.1%
MDC Trading MDLC Global 78.8%
GAIA Capital Management GAIA FX+ 69.7%
Synerginvest CopulaMax RunnerCatche 62.6%
Geosol Capital Onshore I 48.1%
e360 Power e360 Power Strategy 41.7%
Blue Bar Futures Trading ManagementPrime Ag Program 41.6%
Plus EV Capital Raise Alpha Prog 40.9%
Bair Capital Management Polaris Program Pro 36.5%
Premium Capital Advisors AG Currencies – Majors 35.3%
SinoPac Asset Management Asia Multi Strat Quant Fund 34.9%
Geosol Capital SMA 32.2%
Synerginvest CopulaMax SynergOp 32.0%
Blue Bar Futures Trading ManagementU.S. Commodity Diversified 29.5%
Deep Field Capital Systematic Volatility Arb 28.9%
P/E Investments FX Strategy – Aggressive 28.5%
Gresham Investment Management GreshamQuant Acar 28.5%
Aleph Strategies Aleph Options 28.1%

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