Best and Worst Hedge Funds YTD

While not all of the CryptoTraders have updated their performance for July, they are still in the lead (we suspect that the lead will be somewhat less when the returns are updated).

Pantera Capital Management LP – Pantera Bitcoin Fund Ltd195%
3iQ Corp – 3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund187%
Tokenpot Capital LP – Tokenpot Capital Master Fund LP166%
Crypto Fund AG – Mythenstein Fund Ltd.129%
Cyber Capital BV – Cyber Capital Fund A122%
Cryptos Fund – Cryptos Fund115%
QQFundcom – Investment Program 1115%
Crypto Fund AG – Systematic DLT Fund Class A – USD111%
Crypto Fund AG – Systematic DLT Fund Class A – EUR110%
Crypto Fund AG – Systematic DLT Fund Class A – CHF107%
County Cork – Commodity Long and Short Pro-16%
Michael J Frischmeyer – Managed Account Prog-18%
NuWave Investment Management – Stock Index Futures Portfolio-18%
Opus Futures – Advanced Ag Trading Program-18%
DNB Asset Management – DNB ECO Absolute Return-19%
Oslo Asset Management – AAM Absolute Return Fund Class B NOK-23%
World Cup Advisor – Patrick Slevin Screen Trader-25%
Quantitative Investment Management – Opportunities Fund-43%
World Cup Advisor – Stefano Serafini Moon Watch-59%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-69%

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