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Best and Worst Hedge Funds YTD 2020

While our list is not yet final, and some of the year-to-date highest performing funds have not yet reported results, the list will change throughout the month.

Purple Valley Capital – Diversified Trend 183%
Cyber Capital BV – Cyber Capital Fund A78%
QCAM Currency Asset Management AG – Systematic Intelligence Vol 3074%
QTS Capital Management – Tail Reaper64%
QTS Capital Management – Chimera63%
World Cup Advisor – Michael Cook Nexus63%
WG Wealth Guardian – QT Program55%
Solidum Capital – Solidum Actio49%
3iQ Corp – 3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund44%
QCAM Currency Asset Management AG – Systematic Intelligence Vol 2044%
Formuepleje Fund Management – Formuepleje Penta-29%
ACR – Multi-Strategy Quality Ret (MQR)-30%
McMillan Asset Management – Volatility Capture Program-32%
2Pixels Capital Management – Index Option Program-33%
Buckeye Partners Group – Cabinet Blue Fund L.P-33%
Algebris – Financial Equity Fund-37%
Caldwell & Orkin – Caldwell & Orkin – Gator Capital L/S-38%
Matisse – Matisse Discounted Cl-End Fd Strat-38%
Algebris – Quant Arbitrage-48%
RMB Mendon – Mendon Financial Long/Short-64%

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