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One of the analytical reports that we are updating every week, is the NilssonReport. This report covers all the currently reporting managers (approximately 2,000 strategies). The report covers the most recent monthly return, year-to-date numbers, geometric returns, AUM estimates, Sharpe Ratios, and a few Risk metrics (e.g. return standard deviation, current and maximum drawdown).

This is the goto report for users that do not want to interact with the total database (as it may be somewhat labor-intense to import the data into your own performance measurement systems).

You can download the report here. The report does not require any registration or user accounts.

The report includes grouped statistics by strategies. In the case of CTAs, we also provide sub strategy performance information.

Moreover, we also provide online, sortable, ranking reports sourced from the NilssonReport. You can find the ranking on this page:

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